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I dig the new Fat Bob I dig the new Fat Bob

It’s got that muscle bike look reminiscent of the orginal Vmax; it looks more like a big standard than the usual HD cruiser. I normally don’t like the look of a big, chunky tire up front but it seems to work on this bike. It’s been ten years since I sold my Lowrider and I’ve been getting the itch (every spring!) since…

Parking Garage Hero *achievement unlocked* Parking Garage Hero *achievement unlocked*

Dude’s mirror was literally less than 1/2" from the wall.

Just because you can does not mean you should. Just because you can does not mean you should.

A black velvet Bentley. For fair weather climes only, I assume. 

Behold the Classic Honda Civic Behold the Classic Honda Civic

In CT the only requirement for a Classic Vehicle plate is that it’s over 20 years old. This person has a killer sense of humor I’m guessing..

2019 Corvette ZR1. Ironing board optional.

Pretty spectacular performance, but is the wing removable if you don’t want the boy-racer look away from the track?

The LFA's little brother? The LFA's little brother?

I have an LC500 for a week, and the initial impressions are there’s a lot of LFA dna in it. The driving impression is pretty similar to the RC-F however. I’m glad Lexus is still building coupes, although who knows how long that’ll last.

The Universe has spoken.   Shit.

I turned 50 last week and coincidentally Powerball was $50MM on Saturday, so I bought $50 in tickets thinking the universe was trying to send me a message. After checking my tickets Sunday afternoon, the universe’s message was quite clear.

Trying to duplicate this effect with LED lighting Trying to duplicate this effect with LED lighting

I just spent a week with a Mercedes Maybach, and like lesser S-classes it has that neat colored ambient cabin lighting. Well, I really dig the effect and am trying to figure out how to duplicate it in my Town Car using colored LED light strips or neon tubes. Not sure which product would work better, or if I’d need a…

Kill it with fire. Kill it with fire.

The most comically overdone car in existence imho.

Ultimate road trip car arrives Ultimate road trip car arrives

Got a Maybach for a week to review; AMA. Also happens to be my birthday weekend so don’t expect legible/ungarbled responses. The quick & dirty? This is not a driver’s car. (duh?) But, it’s got all the usual cool gadgets on it M-B puts on their high end cars.

Got the jones for a Jaaaag... (shoot me?) Got the jones for a Jaaaag... (shoot me?)

I always liked the XJ series (until the current X351 yuckmobile) and have been entertaining the idea of a late production X350 or X358 XJ8 as my next car. Naturally they’re cheaper than used prophylactics at this point, but I need to find out the service history of these cars before engaging the checkbook. (also…

Coyote swap into a Bullitt?

Got a friend who recently bought a 2008 Bullitt Mustang with a bad case of rod-knock-itis. He’d considered rebuilding the 4.6, but wanted more zoom than that 3v motor offered. So, over a six pack of Heady Topper I suggested a Coyote out of a wreck. How difficult would it be to make that swap work?

The $6500 Model S? The $6500 Model S?

Impressive as hell, but considering the voltage involved how safe is a Tesla that’s been pieced together by an amateur (however skilled)?

A quarter million for an 850CSi?

So after reading the FP story on Clarion’s BMW 850, I poked around the interwebs looking to see what these things are selling for. I found one in NY with 34,000 miles at a BMW store - reduced to $250,000.

Kinja givin' me attitude today

Trying to change my display name but kinja ain’t having it. What do I hafta do?

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