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Never meet your heroes. Or your favorite TV car. Never meet your heroes. Or your favorite TV car.

I grew up watching Tom Selleck shoehorn himself into a 308 GTS, but the first time I got to drive one I was horrified by the car’s shitty ergos. The intruding wheel wells make you sit at an angle to cover the pedals. Still love the car for its looks, but the driving experience was a downer. Le sigh.

This man loves Golf.

Whatever tilts your kilt, I guess...

The most bonkers motorcycle since the Tomahawk The most bonkers motorcycle since the Tomahawk

Although I dig the Continental 550, giant hubless wheels just look too damn weird to me.

Lunchtime Snapple Fact #219

“An electric eel can release a charge powerful enough to start 50 cars”

Mustang as victim. Didn't see *that* coming..


Sterling silver dust in the paint. Because Rolls.

It is now clear to me that R-R employs folks whose sole purpose is to come up with the most eccentric and unorthodox ideas to make their cars as exclusive as possible. Because your Ghost with its $312k starting price is not exclusive enough.

Lifted from the FP..

My experience with media fleet cars? Well, there was the Challenger SRT8 that went to IMPA’s Test Days with 3k miles and had its clutch destroyed, which pushed back my loan by a week while it was at a dealer getting a replacement. Then there was the ‘16 Mustang GT that was delivered with rear tires resembling race…

Panthers are *not* infallible Panthers are *not* infallible

Ain’t no fun when your car don’t run. The Batmobile died at the gas station down the street Saturday morning. Turn the key, hear a click. Dammit. A quick diagnosis singled out the starter as the culprit. So, after a road trip to Pep Boys it’s purring like a... uh... V8 Lincoln. I wish all of life’s problems could be…

WTF is that, part deux.. WTF is that, part deux..

Sadly, a real ‘69 Camaro was sacrificed to make this unholy mess.

This is a first. This is a first.

RWL tires on a BMW? Could this be the uber rare NASCAR option I’ve dreamed about? #leftturnsonly

Safe bet, or BIG potential mistake?

So my non-car guy brother tells me he’s looking at a 2008 CLK350 because Mercedes convertible, and my first instinct is to tell him he’s insane for considering a ten year old Benz. On further reflection, is it possible this car might not leave him broke and single? It’s got 57k miles and the ask is $10k. I don’t think…

She got half... She got half...

But it’s a Chevy Citation, so she can have it.

Writing Ad Copy 101 Writing Ad Copy 101

Some lady is selling a set of Prius trim rings on FB the next town over from me. Brand new, never used, yada yada yada. From a smoke-free home.

Took me a few moments to get this.. Took me a few moments to get this..

And I’m a huge warbird fan too.

I dig the new Fat Bob I dig the new Fat Bob

It’s got that muscle bike look reminiscent of the orginal Vmax; it looks more like a big standard than the usual HD cruiser. I normally don’t like the look of a big, chunky tire up front but it seems to work on this bike. It’s been ten years since I sold my Lowrider and I’ve been getting the itch (every spring!) since…

Parking Garage Hero *achievement unlocked* Parking Garage Hero *achievement unlocked*

Dude’s mirror was literally less than 1/2" from the wall.

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