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Tesla Re-introduces the Model S 60kwh Pack

Why? Didn’t they get rid of it because no one bought it before? Well, either way, get ready to see even more Model S’ on the road being driven by the upper-middle class.

If you don't rev out of every parking lot ...

How will people know how many cylinders you have?

Highway Signs - Green or Blue? 

I’ve found that most highway signs in America are on green backgrounds. A lot of Europe uses blue backgrounds.

Selling on eBay - Received Offer for More than My Price

Hello out there Oppo. I know this isn’t necessarily car related but I figure that some of you have experience selling on eBay and may be able to give some tips.

Best Classic Car Dealership? Best Classic Car Dealership?

I did some Googling for the latest NPoCP Bronco U13 listing and found this dealership that sold a mint one in the past.

Early Model Mercedes SL Dragster Early Model Mercedes SL Dragster

Was going through my phone and found this pic I took that I think I meant to share on Oppo but don’t think I ever did.

Do You Like Mustangs and Still Hang Calendars on the Wall?

Free Mustang wall calendar. The pictures make it look pretty cool.

Bernie Sanders: The Simpsons Did It (26 Years Ago) Bernie Sanders: The Simpsons Did It (26 Years Ago)

Busted out the DVD collection over the weekend and this has been in my mind since:

And the angel said unto them ...

... do it bro; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people.

"Just a little north of $40K"

Ahh dealerships, they can be fun to talk to. After finding out that the car I was going up to test drive in a few days was sold last night (it is what it is, didn’t put a deposit down) the salesman asks me to let me know if there’s anything I’d be interested. I tell him I’d be interested in a E90/92 M3 with reasonable…

NP or CP: 2014 Hennessey Venom GT - $1.25 Million

Guess what I found literally 20 miles from me as I was searching for an E90/92 M3?

I Just Might Trade-in My Convertible for the Same Model Coupe

So, I have a 2011 BMW 335is convertible. I’ve had it for two summers now and I do enjoy the top-down pleasure that comes with it. However, when I was originally shopping around for a 335is (semi-limited model) in the Pittsburgh area, I really wanted a coupe and I got the convertible because a) I’ve never had a…

Forza 5/6 - Would You Buy an Xbox One for it?

I used to be big into gaming like most American males but ever since I’ve been getting older and more boring I’ve strayed away. The newest console I have is the Xbox 360 and I pretty much got that for the Forza games. I have 3, 4 and Horizons and I still play Forza 4 a couple times a month.

Is Acura a Luxury Brand? Is Acura a Luxury Brand?

Poor Acura. The most common search suggestion on Google when you type in “is Acura” is this:

NPOCP - 2013 Golf R 4-Door, Modified, for $30,000

I don’t visit CL as much as I should and I’m not a follower on Golf R desirability and prices, but to me this listing seems a bit overpriced. The car comes with 18K miles on the clock and a rebuilt title. KBB puts a “good”, stock Golf R at ~$27K.

Winter Wheels for BMW 3-Series (5x120mm Pattern) Winter Wheels for BMW 3-Series (5x120mm Pattern)

Hey - I’m looking for some suggestions on what would be an attractive wheel choice for my 335is.

Bumper Bras - Yay or Nay?

Nay for me. They look terrible and I’m just not the type of guy to think it’s realistic that your car is never going to get scratched elsewhere, so ... why does the bumper get special treatment?

Winter Wheels/Tires or a Second Winter Car?

It’s almost to that cold, slippery time of the year and due to a new job with a steep-grade driveway I am forced to accept that maybe my summer tires aren’t going to slide by this winter.

MPG in Congested Highway Traffic

I recently went from a commute that was 95% highway to another commute that is also 95% highway. However, the first commute was a congested route that I had to endure and the second route is almost always smooth traveling at highway speeds (toll highway).

Puma Car-Branded Shoes - Yay or Nay?

Well, it’s Amazon Prime day and I’ve been spending a good deal of time at work browsing the store. I’m in need of a new pair of shoes so I came across some Puma’s in the men’s section to find that they do auto-enthusiast shoes now. Check them out:

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