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DOTS -his name is Wellington DOTS -his name is Wellington

I got a call from my friend Alex yesterday. He gave me a heads up that he was headed through town with his new toy. It’s a Leyland DAF T244; 6t 4x4 with a 5.9 Cummins diesel.

What are the odds? What are the odds?

In a huge parking lot full of new cars, two 90s cars run over find each other;

Huh, 3.5 doing good. Huh, 3.5 doing good.

Tacoma just bumped the Forester in my Fuelly garage;

Colossal 2018 vid coming out soon..

For now here is the after movie;

Lights, Camera.. Lights, Camera..

Recently I’ve come across some holiday spending monies.. I’ve got it down to two choices;

DOTS and Taco thoughts.. DOTS and Taco thoughts..

This sweet panel, it’s been parked there for a few years, fs decal on the window.. he knows what he has.

Never thought I'd miss the Juke.. Never thought I'd miss the Juke..

“Turn heads wherever you go with unique design elements. A two-tone floating roof, a wraparound visor look and a bold V-motion grille make sure that KICKSTM is like nothing else on the road.”

Timeline time. Timeline time.

Bought this truck when I was 16 with ever nickel saved from my first job.. Drove it all over the province and back, it moved me more times than I care to remember. Had to get something shorter once I moved to Edmonton and it wouldn’t fit in any parkades. Sold it to a guy headed to Belize..

Well played.. Well played..

A very Oppo solution to a problem, this friend;

Another one.. Another one..

It’s been a bad month for my friends.. First my buddies Taco;

HW Zoom In HW Zoom In

My son picked out a Zoom In last night,

Another one bites the dust.. Another one bites the dust..

A friend of mine texted yesterday, his 2004 Tacoma DCSB was in for an oil change at Toyota and the tech was able to put a screwdriver through the frame..

Go Figure.. Go Figure..

It seems very rare that there isn’t a weekend that the Coquihalla hasn’t been closed due to an accident.. and that is during the summer months.

Dots Dots

Not hippies, no free candy either..

Bloody savages in this town..

I mean, say what you will about break and enter to steal change out of the ashtray.. but at least leave the rest of the car alone.

I'd never leave the house. I'd never leave the house.

Yikes, don’t screw with momma bear..

Hey Calgary, how's the weather? Hey Calgary, how's the weather?

Oh yeah, still snowing..

ADV interest? ADV interest?

A co-worker rides a V-strom 650, he spends most of his spring/summer/fall riding around the province following roads to see where they go;

Coffee monies.. Coffee monies..

If I pooled them I could buy this T-top egg;

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