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Necessary Clothes Shopping with Under_Score Necessary Clothes Shopping with Under_Score

I’m heading out tomorrow morning to look at some outdoor footwear. A few weeks ago, I made a post about wanting a pair of trail shoes that could handle rainy walks to class, occasional hiking trails, and winter ice, while being colorful and costing a decent price. REI is the king of outdoor apparel, so I’ll head to…

Spooky DOTS Spooky DOTS

I’ve seen this car a lot, but I finally got a picture of it. Though it’s a Base+ (as I like to call it) and mine is a Limited, it’s a lot like mine, down to the look and placement of the dealer sticker.

Ultimate Oppo Purchase

2005 Quattroporte, 110,000 miles, blurry pictures, no CarFax, and the dealer is in Clayton County (very ghetto) and was just on the local news since it was raided by police. Who wants this?

The Liberal Media is Back At It Again The Liberal Media is Back At It Again

What have they done, you may ask?

Caffeine and Octane Caffeine and Octane

The thing about me is that my favorite cars at these car shows are unusual cars or cars I could realistically see myself driving someday. In terms of newer cars, if it isn’t a bright color, doesn’t have a backup camera, smart key/push button start, and safety cameras, and is a manual transmission, I’m not interested.…

A Sudden Change of Events A Sudden Change of Events

Earlier today, I made a post about an important automotive update involving me. However, that plan now includes my parents.

Of Happenings! Of Happenings!

I’ve enjoyed my Toyota RAV4 since it became “mine” in July 2016. I’ve put 16,000 miles on her, driven to school and Ingles more than I should, and even got in an Interstate wreck on a snow day that resulted in over $4,000 in damages. Through it all, the RAV4 has been mostly good, doing all that I need her to do.

I Should Be Going to Sleep I Should Be Going to Sleep

But instead I’m woke.

Christmas! Christmas!

Red and green. Yes, I already have a ton of pollen on my car. I love the color combo of the red one.

Spotted on Sunday Spotted on Sunday

I saw one of these in rural central Georgia (Morgan County). On Friday, I also saw my first Model 3 on the same road. Very strange place to see interesting cars; considering how poor that area seems to be, the amount of Teslas, specifically, I see is surprising.

Crossovers Make No Sense Crossovers Make No Sense

I just don’t understand crossovers; they’re boring, they’re everywhere, and they have no practicality. Most crossovers aren’t even fun to drive! If you want something good to carry people around, get a station wagon. Station wagons work in Europe, so they should work over here! They have more room inside, are low to…

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Is One Of The Best Used Crossovers Under $10,000 The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Is One Of The Best Used Crossovers Under $10,000

If I was a successful YouTuber, I’d make a video about this; however, my channel only has 186 subscribers and I don’t have much editing skill. I like writing, but it’s easier to just list out the points. Here we go!

One of The Best Features One of The Best Features

I’ve always felt bad for Mitsubishi, especially the Outlander and Outlander Sport. Both crossovers are pretty nice inside, have good safety scores, are reliable, and can be purchased for great prices. In fact, if the engine was a little more powerful and the dealer network was larger, I’d be driving a 2012 Outlander…

Logan Paul Echo Logan Paul Echo

This is a very funny video. You don’t have to know much about him to understand it, but now that he’s infamous with everyone, it’ll make more sense. May be NSFW.

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