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Air - La femme d’argent Air - La femme d’argent

It’s the perfect song for the later PM hours, no traffic, and driving 10+ over the speed limit. It’s the perfect song for thinking about somber events in life. It’s the perfect song for an early morning drive, whether it’s a short trip or a long haul. It’s the perfect song for any occasion; this is one of my favorite…

Craigslist Ads Are So Bad

There are only a few photos, usually of bad quality, the captions are short and vague, and you can’t look nationwide. I guess this is better than cars.com, which makes you pay money if you want to post more than five photos. Five photos is nothing; I want to post 55. The restrictions of these websites are why the ads…

If Peach State Pride Has a Shirt For It If Peach State Pride Has a Shirt For It

It’s probably a pretty cool place. This is a lunch and dinner restaurant, but I’ll definitely come back to try it!

Goodnight Goodnight

They’re finally tearing down the old Paulding CDJR dealership in Dallas, GA. The new building across the street is done, resulting in the fate of this building.

Dealer Badges Dealer Badges

Unlike most of y’all, I think dealer badges and plate frames are cool. It’s late and I need to wind down, so let’s talk about them.

Working in Automotive Sales: Requirements, Knowledge, Opinions?

Today, I read the Jalopnik news brief article about how younger people don’t want to work in a dealership setting anymore. The same “Millennials Complain About Big, Bad People That Are Like 68 Years Old Now” vibe I see all over the Internet seemed to carry through, which was kind of bothersome, but hey, it’s the…

It’s My Birthday It’s My Birthday

Leo season! It was a good day, but I don’t think I’m doing anything else now. My parents came down for lunch, I did dinner with a friend, and I have to get ready for tomorrow. Many people wished me a happy birthday, though, which was sweet.

Update Update

With vague pictures of my RAV4 packed and ready to go, as well as a video from Old Row, y’all were understandably concerned about whether or not I was going to be okay. It was also 4:30 AM when I hit the road. My friends sent their thoughts and prayers to me when I told them that the location of that Bid Day accident…

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Please open for a surprise.

Beautiful Color Beautiful Color

I’ve never seen this color on a Mercedes-Benz. In fact, I can’t even find it on the website. It’s closer to a blue-green than a light blue in my eyes. I love it when luxury automakers release mainstream colors that aren’t red or royal blue.

“Crossovers Aren’t Practical” “Crossovers Aren’t Practical”

She just had her 105,000 mile service, and the dealer found a couple cracks, unfortunately. They fixed her, thankfully, and she’s now packed and ready to make a long journey. After this trip, she’ll go back to her quiet life of traveling about 10 miles per week, a big contrast from the 250 miles per week she endured…

The Current Administration  The Current Administration 

Oh, where do I begin? There’s so much I need to say about 45 and his team.

I’m Doing Something Wrong I’m Doing Something Wrong

But this will be okay. I’m glad I don’t drive an older vehicle with a V6 or a V8.

Unique Unique

Considering the plate of the blue Chevy expired in 2000, these cars probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I pass them a lot and they’ve never moved.

Unnecessary Clothes Shopping with Under_Score: It Came! Unnecessary Clothes Shopping with Under_Score: It Came!

Please call me Bill Belichick; I had to take the air out of the ball just so I could flex!

Hondoyota Bait Hondoyota Bait

Car 7.5 I’ve driven: I finally drove my mom’s CR-V. The pedals are kind of firm at first, but the wider build makes it feel super stable. It’s as nice to drive as it is to be a passenger in.

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