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Snowy Fun Snowy Fun

So today we had a pretty decent snowstorm (currently in progress) here in the Rockford/NW Chicago area.

I always need help

Well this is like the millionth post I post of me needing/wanting help in finding a car.

Some help please

Hey oppo,

Ram(?) in Mexico

So I was browsing the YouTube and I found a video for a Ram 700 in Mexico. Clicked on it and BAM! Fiat!

Colorado Configurator is out! Colorado Configurator is out!

The configurator is out! Maybe no one cares, but I do.

Browsing the Youtube

So I'm looking around on youtube watching car videos like always, and I can't help but wonder where the manuals are. Most reviews (on TFL) will say that the manual is only on the base model.... Well wouldn't it be great if someone would compare these? I would love to see a YouTube review of only base model manual…

More VW website stuff

So Mexico's VW site.... It's alright. It's a website. The configurator is pretty freaking cool. Like they should do that for everything cool... Here's the link

Browsing the Car building .... Browsing the Car building ....

So earlier I posted wondering about an old GMC, and it got me to thinking "How cheap can I get a new truck?"

VW Turn singals

Hi this is my first time posting on Oppo... & I just had to comment on something that kind of bothers me.