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Music Meeting Music Meeting

Co-worker has someone sitting by him now and she just enables him into talkingtalktalkingtalktalk. Have y'all heard anything good lately? I need some drown out noise.

For any Archer fans

Someone apparently got the domain for this. So whenever someone tells you to do something.

Keyboard Advice Keyboard Advice

So my keyboard at home died this weekend, it started typing q's and z's instead of my shift keys, and Tab and Caps Lock each do both. I've been thinking about purchasing one. I don't do a ton of computer gaming and most of it now is with a controller and I can snag a free regular keyboard from home just to have one.…

Music Meeting Music Meeting

Hey erbody, new stuff, song you can't stop listening to, song you want to song terrorize everyone with? Lets hear it.

Random comedic things chatroom Random comedic things chatroom

If you're anything like me you could use a Wednesday pick me up. I don't care if it was posted on reddit first I promise.

New Chrome Scroll-bar New Chrome Scroll-bar

Ok, so I can't get the formatting to not explode so I posted the pics in a comment below, and I may totally be late to the train on it, but I just noticed the new scroll bar on the side of Chrome after updating. I'm incredibly bored at work, and all there is to do is to go through return mail of clients, which means I…

Troll or Fail?

So this ultra fail got posted earlier, some people were saying it was a troll considering no attached links were on the page. My instinct was Giz fail, but I'm having second thoughts, or more so hopes it was a troll.

tGIFriday tGIFriday


Samesies Samesies

Working on Sunday woooooo, free lunch though right? Someone sent me this video and I can't stop laughing at it. Use headphones if you're at work.

Music Meeting Music Meeting

Happy Festivus everyone! If you're like me and in work today, you're probably here, but not here. I've been listening to the new Childish Gambino album pretty much every day since it came out. What are y'all listening to today to get through this week?

Just in case you were wondering... Just in case you were wondering...

I was thinking the other day about how Jack in the Box antenna balls used to be a thing. So, I wound up at Jack In The Box FAQs, and you can totally still get one. If you ever wondered how many antenna balls have been given out...

Why won't news sources clarify metadeta?

So a federal judge has said (BBC) the NSA phone snooping is unconstitutional. I know what they really mean, most Giz'ers know what they really mean, so why won't they even attempt to explain the depth what the collection of metadata is? I think most people assume this is just another repeat of Patriot Act phone…

Day 18

Still haven't heard a Christmas song. Survival is getting harder, but I'm still holding strong. Warmer weather is setting in, it looks like I won't be able to use the upstairs balcony as a beer fridge for the time being, and I'll have to move it back into the downstairs fridge where one of the roommates is known for…

What does 2013 Say? What does 2013 Say?

Pretty cool compilation/mashup of 2013 videos and things that happened on YouTube. Found from the little fox up in the corner on YouTube.

News Mistakes News Mistakes

I love seeing things like this.


Well if you're as busy as I'm going to be sitting here till markets close because everybody likes to do this kind of stuff today, not. tGIF time, then drinking time.

Music Meeting Music Meeting

I don't know about y'all, but today feels exactly like a Friday (it is my Friday vacation wooo). I'm going to power through the rest of the day headphones in so no one has to cover for me tomorrow since I'm just that nice, and Friday is usually my catch up day for low-priority items. What are some jams you've found…

Auxiliary Bluetooth Adapter worth it? Auxiliary Bluetooth Adapter worth it?

So I got inspired by one of those deal articles about a Bluetooth set up for phone calls, it got me wondering if they had it for auxiliary ports to basically do the same thing as a Sync set up. Of course they exist. So does anyone have experience with this? I see reviews about sound quality degradation vs keeping the…

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