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TIL: Huayra Door Dildos TIL: Huayra Door Dildos

This is why I watch DeMuro.

Its Miating Season

Miating in case I get Kinja’d.

DOTS Toronto DOTS Toronto

All pictures taken when I was on the street.

Lister F-Pace

.......I actually like this. Link in text as I will most likely get Kinja’d.

Gib me all the box flares!

on this Lancia Restomod and the brown interior! Click links. I’m getting Kinja’d when I add photos :(

 OWO?!   OWO?! 

We need to extend this to OWOing also.

Angry Engines Angry Engines

If the sound of a Can Am engine doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.

PaqRap PaqRap

The actual executives at Compaq spitting fire.

In search of a winter beater

The M5 is great, but its too nice to drive in the winter.

Aston Martin has James Bond DB5s with gadgets 

Let’s see who can sneak this car past the gubmint and get it registered!

DOTS Toronto DOTS Toronto

Who thinks the Type R has enough aero? Not this guy! Guess I missed the front 3/4 shot.

Who wants to be a Wagonaire!

All wagons should have this open roof option! Click the link, I’m getting Kinja’d on the image :(

Curious Car-Condo Combo 

If you buy this $8 mil condo in Miami, you get a Pagani Zonda R partition wall, sans engine.

Buggy Barn Bargain

For $5k + Motor + some work, this can be yours!

DOTS Toronto DOTS Toronto

And then there were these in front of the Ritz. Along with FOUR Mercedes Coup-UVs.

Someone didn't hear a crunch Someone didn't hear a crunch

Rear wheel is ready to fly off!

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