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Lotus will build an electric car!

It will have 1000hp and will cost $2.5 mil. It’s expected to compete with Lucas electrics’ and Alfa’s electric super cars to run a quarter mile without shorting out.

Pick a Turo for me to rent in Dallas / Houston!

I am escaping the frosty grip of winter for a few days around Xmas and need your help!

In the future, we will be able to sike future luxobarges into deploying airbags

If you don’t like that 18 yo in the $200k Maybach that cuts you off in maybe 2020, then just accelerate toward him and brake last minute (The “brake” part is key here folks).

Paging El_Uly

Steal someone’s identity and get this!

Want of the day

MINT ‘79 Alpine 528i


Holy crap: the BaT thing happened and it sold for $10k. CP for sure!

Taycan production version? Taycan production version?

Found this on Reddit.

Getting Kinja'd

Not sure what to do here...

Good Kitty!

Probably the only good use of a 4-cyl F-Type! I’d love to see a V8 one in rally form too though.

Anyone interested in cars that chauffeured G7 dignitaries? 

Because the Canadian RCMP is selling like 500 cars that were used once or twice.

Mad Manx

Here’s something you don’t see everyday.

Want of the Day

550 Maranello in Resale Red and Tan.

DOTS Toronto DOTS Toronto

With added seasoning for bikesexuals

Killer Koenig for sale

This is the only 348 I’d buy.

Beware of Poorosang

Another ugly SUV that should exist is being brought into existence.

Unwelcome "auto open" tailgate feature now welcomes the outside onto your truck bed while driving

That’s what you get for making tailgates inspired by Inspector Gadget.

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