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New shoes! New shoes!

Grabbed two sets of All Terrains from Greenlight. These should compliment some of my truck projects that I have yet to start.

I bought a tiny house on wheels I bought a tiny house on wheels

Now I need to make a hitch for the Bronco.

Green? Super green. Green? Super green.

Finished this last weekend. Finally got around to taking some potato pics.

Legos! Legos!

Pretty sure my alternator just shit the bed.

Rennsport Reunion Rennsport Reunion

Am I doing this right?

Well that’s a new one Well that’s a new one

The center console on my wife’s car is stuck in the open position. The toddler is concerned.

Found in my in laws motor home Found in my in laws motor home

The Chevy is from a 93 line. The cabrio I thought was cool. It has little clear headlights. They’ve endured years of abuse from my brother in law and various grandkids.

Small Hawl Today Small Hawl Today

Stopped at Fred Meyer and to grab some last minute camping supplies for this weekend.

A few new additions to the fleet A few new additions to the fleet

Been out on the hunt for the Team Transports, still no luck. But I couldn’t leave empty handed.

Free shift boots! Free shift boots!

I’ve been amassing these for about 15 years.

Score! Score!

Small town toy stores aren’t nearly as picked over.

DOTS- Flames! DOTS- Flames!

I would still drive it. Flames and all.

Those Swedish bastards Those Swedish bastards

Did some upgrades to Spaceball Jrs room.

Mine for the weekend Mine for the weekend

My dad’s C5 had some paint and fibre glass work done last week.

DD, Track, Burn DD, Track, Burn

Hot Wheels edition.

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