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Waste as Art Waste as Art

Saw a Michelle Stitzlein exhibit today at the Desert Botanical Garden (happy 80th birthday!). She uses discarded items and molds them into art. Kinda goes along with the theme of my old Honda, which I’ve been building up using junkyard parts. This piece is constructed entirely of old garden hoses. Before heading out…

Foggy desert morning Foggy desert morning

We don’t get a lot of fog here. Lasted from 6am till about 9:30. Rain yesterday and fog today. Nice change of pace.

Bath Cat Bath Cat

This cat is getting big. She tries to eat my knees when I take a bath. Also, it seems Oppo has garnered to attention of the coal rolling, truck nuts bearing crowd. Don’t feed the trolls, unless you’re feeding them orange hue’d truck nuts attached to toadstools.

Speaking of Socialism Speaking of Socialism

Did you know that Milwaukee is the only major American city to elect three socialist mayors?

Breakfast jams Breakfast jams

I’ve been munching on this dish every morning over the last week. Scramble up three eggs, French style. Drop the eggs in a pan, mix them up, but don’t whip them. Moderate the heat in the pan so they don’t cook too quickly, adding butter slowly. Keep those eggs moving. They should creamy, not fluffy.

I’m sorry you guys are cold. I’m sorry you guys are cold.

Got my favorite shirt on and about to get my hair did after a nice ride.

Pictured: Pictured:

Jared Goff’s arm.

Thicc wood Thicc wood

I made some more wood things. The spice rack was just a leftover piece from when I made my butcher block countertop. Sanded and oiled it a bit then stuck it on the wall.

Cooking with Uncle Skychismo Cooking with Uncle Skychismo

Today’s cooking tip: garlic smashing.

Hey guys *war is the continuation politics by other means* Hey guys *war is the continuation politics by other means*

Remember that one time when we started whooping the Taliban’s ass? Pepperidge Farms remembers. At least we have a great negotiator as our Commander in Chief. Maybe he can get the Afghan warlords to pay for the wall using all the profits they made from selling opium to pharmaceutical companies and cartels? Boy did we…

New fuel lines New fuel lines

I have been having some ongoing fuel supply issues with the Honda. The original fuel lines don’t hold up to ethanol too well, but the newer style fuel lines are a bit too stiff for the extreme angles that my petcock requires (that’s what she said). Also, I made a chemistry mistake and wasn’t able to clean up all the…

Ten years ago Ten years ago

This pup was a sprite three year-old.

The Ultimate Ground Speed Check The Ultimate Ground Speed Check

Caught this bad cat doing 1,842 knots across the ground.

I also saw some cool Toyota things today. I also saw some cool Toyota things today.

Toyota had a whole Supra exhibit set up. Even had a militarized Scottsdale police officer standing in front of a veiled new Supra (thanks Mexico!). There were lots of fancy old Land Cruisers up for auction and all of them were being inspected by pencil necked wanabe outdoorsmen. Pretty surprised there wasn’t an…

I saw cool Jeep and Dodge things today. I saw cool Jeep and Dodge things today.

Hit up the BJ auction for the first time in about five years. My nephew had a great time greeting every single one of the 1,700 “Cars” characters he came upon. Probably the most Powerwagons I’ve ever seen here.

Kitchenlopnik Kitchenlopnik

Finally finished up my butcher block countertop. I really like how it turned out. This was my first time working with wood. Mistakes were made, mistaked were corrected, and much was learned.

I am making a thing. I am making a thing.

Which I fucked up a bit, but have managed to salvage. Amateur tip: go light on the wood glue. I’m in the process of making my own butcher block countertop, which I will actually use as a cutting board. Still needs a lot of sanding, but it’s getting there. I have never worked with wood before, or ever taken a shop…

Wrap your pipes, folks. Wrap your pipes, folks.

Rewrapped my exhaust and coated it with some header paint.

Campy Time 2018 Campy Time 2018

I absolutely hate reading “year in review” articles. However, being the (allegedly) drunk asshole I am, here is mine. Fuck you.

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