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Truckin' Tuesday: all the feels edition Truckin' Tuesday: all the feels edition

A couple weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine. He’s a collector who has commented here a couple times in the past, but I know him personally. I can’t remember how it came up, but I told him the story of giving away most of my diecasts when I was maybe 14 years old. Most of what I gave away, I don’t…

Micro Monday: Zee Germans have a Dodge. Micro Monday: Zee Germans have a Dodge.

A couple weeks ago, I took some requests for Micro Monday. Herr Quatrro wanted to see the German stripe van. This is one of the first Micro Machines I got, meaning I’ve had it for around about 30 years now. It’s a great casting of a 70's Dodge van, and I love this paint job.

What's Oppo doing tonight? What's Oppo doing tonight?

We’ve got an unseasonably warm evening here in Chicagoland. It’s 52 degrees outside. I love the sweet relief of these occasional nights. They make the long cold winter not so bad. I cracked a nice root beer, put some tunes on, and am going to enjoy an hour or two tinkering in Shop-Teacher’s home for wayward tiny…

Micro Monday, ON MONDAY! Micro Monday, ON MONDAY!

It’s been a while. Time to get back on the horse. I just want to apologize up front, because a lot of this pictures are bad. The camera on my new phone positively sucks, and I didn’t have time to go re-shoot this with my old iPhone.

My winter break, summarized. (Incoming Lego photodump) My winter break, summarized. (Incoming Lego photodump)

After two glorious weeks off, on Monday I have to go back to reality and break the spirit of the young teach the children drawing and building skills. It’s been very cold here in Chicagaoland, so for the most part I’ve stayed inside and built Lego. I helped my daughters with several of their sets, which launched an…

Micro Mo ... wait, what?  It's Tuesday already? Micro Mo ... wait, what?  It's Tuesday already?

Well, it took me precisely zero days to break my diecast resolution of not missing any Micro Mondays. Quite frankly, I forgot it was Monday. Between winter break and the extreme cold temperatures, I’ve barely left the house in the last week and a half. First world problem, I reckon. Anyways, I figured it out at…

One of my worst fears was realized tonight ... One of my worst fears was realized tonight ...

My 5-year old figured out how hopelessly ticklish I am. This does not bode well for me.

Secret Super/HWEP/Christmas mega haul! Secret Super/HWEP/Christmas mega haul!

This Christmas I received a HUGE amount of diecasts, some really amazing stuff. I’m going to combine it all here into one gigantic haul post.

Wanna see what baby Shop-Teacher looked like? Wanna see what baby Shop-Teacher looked like?

There I am on my dad’s Sporty. That’s my mom behind me. In the background is my dad’s ‘79 K10 and my mom’s ‘81 Datsun wagon. There’s a lot of feels here. The Sportster was sold in ‘83, to put towards a down payment on the house I grew up in. The Datsun was traded in for a new ‘84 Delta 88 coupe. The K10 was traded for…

That feeling when ... UPDATED That feeling when ... UPDATED

The first thing that happens when you come down for Christmas morning, is your five year old lies to you.

356 DLM 356 DLM

I finally opened this one for this fine day. I quite like it. I think I’ll treat it to a mild detailing, and then leave it be.

Big day for my family Big day for my family

Today was a monumental day. It was my daughters’ last day of daycare. My wife’s office is closed tomorrow, and I’ll be watching the girls next week while my wife finishes her last week at work. After that, mama is staying home with the girls. She’ll still do some freelance work from home (she’s a graphic designer),…

East Bound and Down East Bound and Down

Three packages are headed their way towards the Eastern Seaboard. I hope their recipients enjoy them.

Micro Mon ... Err ... WEDNESDAY! Micro Mon ... Err ... WEDNESDAY!

I’ve been slacking on Micro Monday for a while now. This arrived from our own Group44fan today. I knew it was coming soon, and had planned to save it for Monday, but quite frankly I needed something to cheer me up tonight, so let’s do this thang.

Text messaging help please

I just switched back from an iPhone to Android. When my wife sends me texts from her iPhone, they were going to my old phone. Consulting the internet, I turned iMessage off of my old phone. Now I don’t get any texts from her at all. Any thoughts OPPO? 

I just found this in my shirt pocket. I just found this in my shirt pocket.

My little one slipped this into my shirt pocket this morning, while I was changing her diaper. I just found it .... nearly six hours later :)

It’s alive! It’s alive!

The garbage picked beast lives!

Sad T-Bird is sad Sad T-Bird is sad

I don’t have a lot of love for these, but it was sad seeing one so forlorn. It addition to its obvious visual maladies, it was dog-tracking (the rear end wasn’t quite following the front end).

I got wood I got wood

Free truckload of old Douglas fir. A friend of a friend is doing a commercial renovation, and didn’t want it to go to waste. Some of it is frankly fire wood grade, but there’s some beautiful stuff in there too. I’ll be able to get more too. If only I had more room to store it! 

Fuck you Costco!

I could tell my iPhone6s was on its last legs, so I did some research, and ordered an LG Moto G5 Plus. It was $50 cheaper at Costco, so I ordered it from them. I chose standard 3-5 day shipping, because my phone still worked. That was 6 days ago. My phone just shat the bed, it won’t read the SIM card. So, I checked my…

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