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Money wasted Money wasted

One should not shop on eBay when tired.

UPS can go to hell UPS can go to hell

I dropped off am Amazon return package on the weekend at a UPS depot near my house. It was too large to fit in their drop box so I used the locker to deposit it and received an email confirmation. Four days later there is no record of the package other than that a label has been created. I went to the customer service…

The Doug and Jay Show The Doug and Jay Show

Finally, a place where the ‘quirks and features’ bit is actually informative since there are so many little odd things that you never see or read about (door and panel latches, dome lights and other unusual bits that nobody but Doug would ever mention). As is typical with DD’s videos there are those facepalm moments,…

There's no kill like overkill  There's no kill like overkill 

Furniture repair continues. The excess glue is all underneath and hidden from sight so no worries there. Now I just need to find a piece of wood the same thickness as the front support to hold up the back.

Old toys Old toys

Found a few old treasures the other day, things that I thought were long gone. And I haven't even gone through the box of old Herpa and other 1/87 scale goodies. 

I don't like taking pills I don't like taking pills

Plus five more of the big white ones in the morning.

This ought to be interesting  This ought to be interesting 

Trying to repair a 45-50 year old stereo bench that didn't survive the move too well. Hopefully Gorilla Glue and whatever clamps I can scrounge up will be sufficient.

Well, this sucks Well, this sucks

A good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer, and the prognosis is not good. The oncologist recommends a hysterectomy, but given her size (probably over 400 lbs) surgery is extremely high risk. Then what? If she survives it, then she’s got a couple of years of radiation and chemo before the…

I finally found it! I finally found it!

An interesting collection of contact sheets that I purchased about 26 years ago for the Pan Am DC-8 . In addition to the aircraft, there are lots of great shots of Long Beach airport as well as some of the islands off of the coast of Los Angeles. I have lots of great memories of that airport; when I was a child my dad…

Way to stay current, Mattel! Way to stay current, Mattel!

Just found this today. Pretty cool!

Started chemo today Started chemo today

Three good things, besides improving my odds of beating this disease:

OK for now, I guess OK for now, I guess

Tossed in a new SSD today and ran the benchmarks again. Not bad for a bucket of spare parts.

More computer parts More computer parts

One more piece. There’s nothing really wrong with the HP SSD I’m currently using, but the Sammy’s seem to be quite a bit quicker. I guess I’m starting to fall down that benchmarking rabbit hole. I had a large credit at Newegg so I figured, why not?

Ha! Ha!

I’m a big fan of the architecture of Richard Neutra. Today I learned that one of his houses in San Francisco, dating from 1936, was illegally razed by a developer that wanted build something larger on the spot. The reaction from the planning commission? In a 5-0 vote they said to put it back. Build the exterior to…

OK, I did it OK, I did it

As per everyone’s recommendations I’ve purchased the bigger LG and returned the TCL. Costco made the return quite easy, including the extended warranty. Not surprisingly, they wouldn’t match the Micro Center price, but that’s OK. I may not have the extended warranty on this set but I think that LG has a better…

TV Time TV Time

I just bought a 43" TCL a week or two ago for $229. But now Micro Center Is offering an LG 49" for just $20 more. I haven’t opened the TCL, and it’s from Costco so I won’t have any trouble returning it. They’re both 4K Smart TVs, so the only differences are size and brand (and price, of course...) The TCL is still in…

I don't want to go! I don't want to go!

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time in a month. Not surprisingly, I really don’t want to go back. Except for this whole surgery thing and tearing my guts out and the cancer and stuff, I’ve really enjoyed having this time off. I got to hang out with my mom, do all sorts of touristy things I’ve been meaning to…

The Department of Ancient Tech needs your help The Department of Ancient Tech needs your help

Has anyone here set up an Xbox 360 as an extender for Windows Media Center on Windows 7? The devices sorta communicate but never seem to make a proper connection. Is it the anti-virus software, the firewall, my network or something I’m not aware of? You’d think it would be fairly easy, but this is Windows after all.…

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