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Warm Weather Wrenching Warm Weather Wrenching

It reached somewhere around 59 degrees today here in Pittsburgh, and my wife’s Saturn needed an oil change. The Saturn got washed, I tried to fix the leak in the A pillar, and an oil change.

Oppo Help Oppo Help

I am changing spark plugs the old ones did not come out with a crush washer. Is it possibly still down there?

Tired Today Tired Today

I cannot focus or think well. I have plenty of work to do, but am struggling. I am also out of coffee. Here is a Mazda REPU because I want a Ford Courier and to build reproductions.

Ford Faction Ford Faction

The Ford Faction had double hinged doors to make them easier to open in tight spaces, like the Renault Avantime.

Good Colours on "Bad" Cars Good Colours on "Bad" Cars

Many cars come in very unexciting colors like silver, white, and black. Here is a short post on great colors on subjectively bad cars.

Sunday HAWL Sunday HAWL

This is last Sunday’s hawl. I am very excited for it. The Yatming tow truck, Majorette truck, and unknown Jeep all need some restoration. The Yatming will need a wheel swap as it is missing 1. I am currently working on my first wheel swap custom. [Edit the Yatming tow truck is missing a wheel not the Majorette.]

Crazy Busy Day at Work Crazy Busy Day at Work

I will not be able to do an alternate news today. The news actually looks interesting today on FP and motorsport.com. Someone should give the morning news post a shot for fun.

The Morning Sh!*t Post The Morning Sh!*t Post

We need Ash back, but I am trying.

The Morning Sh!*t Post The Morning Sh!*t Post

The alternate alternate morning car news.

The Morning Sh*!t Post

Today we get the alternate alternate version of the morning car news with the grumpy punk version.

Other eBay of the Day Other eBay of the Day

I have a poor attention span when anxious, so I wandered over to eBay to see what interesting vehicles were under “Other Makes.”

Useless Fact of The Day Useless Fact of The Day

Thanks to Doug I learned that Chevrolet sold more SSRs in the United States and Canada than Suzuki sold Kizashis in the United States, Canada, and Europe Combined, 24, 112 vs 20,312.

The Ultimate Punk Rock Love Song [NS Language] The Ultimate Punk Rock Love Song [NS Language]

Punk love songs are rare. This one is awesome.

The New Alpine A110 is a Little Ferrari

It is good that this was a pre-production model and Alpine / Renault is already investigating, and froze the testing of other pre-production cars.

On TV Watched Tonight On TV Watched Tonight

The wife and I were bored with the Superbowl and turned on a recorded episode of Destination Truth. They went to the Philippines and Fiji. Cars featured were motor scooters with side cars, a knockoff Hummer pick up and a Ford GPW. No ghosts or criptids were actually found.

I Almost Bought One of These I Almost Bought One of These

Tercel DX 4 speed manual

It Is My Birthday It Is My Birthday

Post your favorite cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, airships, motorcycles, submarines, or etc:

2018 Lancer Elantra GT 2018 Lancer Elantra GT

Do these two look similar to anyone else?

Pontiac OHC I 6 Pontiac OHC I 6

Have a good looking engine and a good day.

Suzuki Suzuki

This car looks really freaking nice. I took this picture a week before Christmas.

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