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No More Dairy No More Dairy

The doctor said no more dairy for me, so cheese and crackers is steak and crackers.

Chrysler Had The Best Malaise Era Cars Chrysler Had The Best Malaise Era Cars

Many Chryslers of the 70s are really good looking cars. The wife and I are watching Supernatural so I looked up 60s Chevrolets. Prices for 60s Chevys are crazy. 60s and 70s Chryslers are cheap, and the 70s Chryslers are very good looking cars. Here are a couple from the local Craigslist:


Matchbox is killing it, and here are some badly taken photos.

Lapin SS Lapin SS

Now Canada eligible. Is this Australia and New Zealand eligible? I don’t know what kind of import restrictions you all may have.

NP or CP? NP or CP?

What is a good price for a good cheap rusty NB Miata? I am visiting my mom, so searching the local not local to me craigslist.

I've Mended Something and Have More Torques

I finally finished the timing belt change with water pump, power steering pump, and accessory belt changes. On my drive to work there is a hill I usually have to down shift into 1st gear. Today the car went up the hill in 2nd with aplomb! Also it is easier to get moving into 1st from a stop.

That's Not Right

I changed my timing belt, now my car sounds like Stuka. I only took it for a short test drive. I had trouble getting enough torque on the crank pulley and I think that is the problem. I bought a tool to try and get the right torque.

Isuzu Isuzu

My current obsession. It looks like Canada and Aus got some when new. I don’t think any were imported to the USA though.

The Real Question is What Car Will I Start Building Replicas of? The Real Question is What Car Will I Start Building Replicas of?

I will buy lotto tickets tonight when I stop to get gas or go to the pharmacy because my anxiety is just too bad. On Thursday I was having chest pain and arm numbness for 3 hours, I was going to go to the Dr. to get checked out, but the ambulance came to work, and they checked me out here. I was fine. The pain went…

Grumett 250M Grumett 250M

Available as a ute, coupe and 2 door station wagon

Nonno and His Simca Aronde 90 Nonno and His Simca Aronde 90

This is my Nonno and his Simca Aronde 90 in Venezuela.

Wrenching and DOTS Wrenching and DOTS

Changing the timing belt has turned into a 3 night event. Sunday night I ran out of light and got sick, tonight I was able to make do with a trouble light and flash light but the wife needs me to watch the pets now. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow night but the wife has surgery in the afternoon so we will see. That is…

Dismantling the Shed Dismantling the Shed

I forgot I was going to post. I am dismantling the old partially rotten shed. It is 10 x 8. The new one will be 8.5 x 30 feet.

Mini Marcos Mini Marcos

Work is boring today. I keep thinking, “I’m tired and hungry.” I just realized I am bored. I am glad I am bored and not stressed. | At home I am working on replacing our current rotting shed with a 30 foot by 8 1/2 foot shed to hold the rowing scull I inherited from my step dad. My wife expressed concern over my…

Yes It is a Diesel Yes It is a Diesel

I could not resist sharing this.


I am frustrated I have to go to the junkyard for a turn signal socket for a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I guess it is a common point of failure since automotive products are supposed to have a 10-year supply of replacement parts. And, I am frustrated with life I worked my butt off from age 12 to age 24 and I have been burnt…

Textron Scorpion Textron Scorpion

I am just sharing this because I thought some of you would also find this interesting. I was not aware of this and the other similar aircraft.

Dog Saturday Dog Saturday

This is Lulu we adopted her on Thursday. She is an 8 year old beagle and is a good girl.

Fog Light Fog Light

This is perfection.

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