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I am frustrated I have to go to the junkyard for a turn signal socket for a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I guess it is a common point of failure since automotive products are supposed to have a 10-year supply of replacement parts. And, I am frustrated with life I worked my butt off from age 12 to age 24 and I have been burnt…

Textron Scorpion Textron Scorpion

I am just sharing this because I thought some of you would also find this interesting. I was not aware of this and the other similar aircraft.

Dog Saturday Dog Saturday

This is Lulu we adopted her on Thursday. She is an 8 year old beagle and is a good girl.

Fog Light Fog Light

This is perfection.

The Want is Strong [Update] The Want is Strong [Update]

Does anyone want to transport this from Dayton to Pittsburgh for me? Or do any other Oppos want a Dauphine located near Dayton, OH?

Holy Weird HVAC Controls Batman! Holy Weird HVAC Controls Batman!

Apparently the Chevrolet Spectrum will warm you high-heeled boot for you. I am confused by the color change on the top slider. Does cold-cold air only go toward your feet; is the defroster only hot air?


Across the alley from my Doctor is an old Oldsmobile dealer. There is a nice 442, and a pristine Ford tractor in their show room?

LPaG Guess the Car [Winner] LPaG Guess the Car [Winner]

Hint: The make is Japanese

Cat Help Cat Help

I was assembling a new desk, so Suki needed to help. Manny was jealous of me taking a picture of Suki, so he photo bombed the picture.

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Last Sunday Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Last Sunday

These are the best of my few photos. It was a fun but very hot time. We left a bit early because a storm was rolling in.

What Does Oppo Think What Does Oppo Think

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything under “Structure Rebel” is a pie not a sandwich.

Koffin Kats Tonight Koffin Kats Tonight

It will be my first time seeing the Koffin Kats even though I’ve been listening to them for over a decade.  Yesterday was the first time I’ve listened to the Goddamn Gallows; I like what I heard.

Convertible That Should Have Also Been a Coupe Convertible That Should Have Also Been a Coupe

The front page article on the convertible ATS reminded me, I always thought a hardtop coupe version of the 9-3 convertible would have looked wicked sexy.

Goodmorning Goodmorning

These are my yard bunnies. I check on them each morning since I found them. Also my car reached a new milestone.

Why Not? [Update][Update Again!] Why Not? [Update][Update Again!]

Today my current obsession has me looking into buying a frozen motor for a car I don’t own. At $100 I am thinking why not? I want to get a Bellett, LUV, and/or rwd I-Mark, so this may or may not ever be useful.

Manny Says Hi Manny Says Hi

Today is a day for naps.

Jonee Bait Jonee Bait

Renault 5 / LeCar warehouse find

TIL There Was a Motorcycle Company Called Danuvia TIL There Was a Motorcycle Company Called Danuvia

Danuvia was a Hungarian motorcycle company. They were owned by the truck maker Csepel. Danuvia manufactured tools. I think development of the Danuvia motorcycle started in 1948 and production was from 1954-1966. There is no English wiki page.

Diesel 4x4 Mini Truck and Other Things Diesel 4x4 Mini Truck and Other Things

Is this the perfect enthusiast mini truck? Diesel, 4 speed manual, and 4x4, seems perfect to me.

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