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If you had If you had

A rad off-road Bronco, and a Cobra kit that you weren’t afraid of going all sacrilage with...

959 redux.  959 redux. 

Something like a 959. Sketched between meetings, conference calls, and a few other things. Sorry for the two posts, but they’re two very different endeavors.

Stretching old muscles Stretching old muscles

So. It’s gotten to the point where I have to incorporate. I think I have a good name for the business. This afternoon I fucked around a bit with some graphic stuff. Not there yet, but a good start, I think.

Old habits, resurrected Old habits, resurrected

So. Some major life changes in the past two weeks have resulted in: a new computer (love that smell), which is the drawing machine I’ve wanted for like 20 years, and the search for the right name for a new business is on. And a new client and a teaching/advising job just sort of happened.

Lost it at FHQ Lost it at FHQ

IATA (International AirporT Abbreviations) quick sheet.

W220's Pre-Bangle butt Bangle butt W220's Pre-Bangle butt Bangle butt

Early/mid-90s sketch of a rear-end treatment for the W220 S Class. Interesting how similar the treatment is to the 7-Series thast came 7+ years later.

Adding to the: things done  Adding to the: things done 

Finally built a server today.

When’s the last time When’s the last time

You saw one of these?

Just another day at COTA Just another day at COTA

Went out to Circuit of the Americas again last weekend for a multi-group track day and parking lot car show. Lots of crazy hardware on display, but didn’t really get that many interesting pictures of any of it for various reasons. Here are a few of my favorites from the morning:

Day 3: Day 3:

Quick pics with a real camera after a thunderstorm and a conference call.

Day 2: Day 2:

Even more enamored.

Followed me home Followed me home

Excuse the potato pics. Big storm this afternoon, and this literally just happened. Can’t wait to start modding. I’m pretty excited about this.

Formula Sun. Formula Sun.

Super interesting. They all picked a different driver position.

Legolopnik Legolopnik

Yeah. Don’t ever doubt that moms know their kids. For my birthday last week, mine sent me one of these:

Formula Sun @ COTA Formula Sun @ COTA

Anyone else thinking about going on Saturday? It’s free.

How time passes.  How time passes. 

June 30th, 2012.

Wtf windows!? Wtf windows!?

Apparently some sort of driver error has bricked my desktop until I can connect a wired mouse. RF keyboard works, mouse (rf) and tablet (usb) do not.

I need more screens I need more screens

First time in years that I actually get to watch Le Mans. Editing photos from COTA last weekend. Drawing cars and spaceships. Belly full of cheeseburger, and fridge full of beer.

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