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ZF transmissions got nothin on this ZF transmissions got nothin on this

It’s almost done. The disc is a 400 lb, 1/4" thick, 4' diameter hunk of machined and inked brass. It came in on Tuesday morning. Final installation is tonight or tomorrow. The sun is glass, and the planets are printed.

Star Wars scale Star Wars scale

Experiencing a giant thing, empty, watching the swallows chase moths in the floodlights.

Rarely seent DOTS Rarely seent DOTS

I think that’s only the second Dune I’ve ever seen. It’d look pretty bitchin with a little lift and bigger footprint.

Hey Elon, can I get one of those flamethrowers? Hey Elon, can I get one of those flamethrowers?

So, there’s pretty much zero chance that this isn’t a black widow, right? Just found her, freshly dead, in my studio. Only spider that’s ever given me the jibblies.

Morning sketch Morning sketch

How bout a new 914?

I liked this showerthought I liked this showerthought

So last night dsigned001-O.R.C. hunter put this bug in my head and I said I’d use that idea as a warmup sketch this morning. So I did.

I heard you like gears I heard you like gears

Y’know, just your average Thursday morning when you work with the most amazing people on the most crazy things. Like a 27000-year astronomical clock and orrery up through Saturn, including major moons on each planet.

The best part about this car The best part about this car

Is the taillights.

Software testing, part II Software testing, part II

I took that drone model I made, reworked some details, added some color, and animated it.

Software testing Software testing

Trying to get new versions of modeling and rendering software to play nice with each other is a pain.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.

So almost 2 weeks ago, I crashed my drone. Today I finished troubleshooting, recalibrating, and testing my rebuild. Test flight complete!

Rocket surgery Rocket surgery

I gave my soldering kit away years ago. Now I wish I had it.

Well, poop. Well, poop.

Took my DJI Spark out for another flight today, and the controller apparently disconnected. It wandered a bit, I tried bringing it back, to no avail. It went full-throttle (even though it was on “safe” mode, and should have stopped moving without direct input) sideways into a rock wall.

If you had If you had

A rad off-road Bronco, and a Cobra kit that you weren’t afraid of going all sacrilage with...

959 redux.  959 redux. 

Something like a 959. Sketched between meetings, conference calls, and a few other things. Sorry for the two posts, but they’re two very different endeavors.

Stretching old muscles Stretching old muscles

So. It’s gotten to the point where I have to incorporate. I think I have a good name for the business. This afternoon I fucked around a bit with some graphic stuff. Not there yet, but a good start, I think.

Old habits, resurrected Old habits, resurrected

So. Some major life changes in the past two weeks have resulted in: a new computer (love that smell), which is the drawing machine I’ve wanted for like 20 years, and the search for the right name for a new business is on. And a new client and a teaching/advising job just sort of happened.

Lost it at FHQ Lost it at FHQ

IATA (International AirporT Abbreviations) quick sheet.

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