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You all, I did not see this coming! You all, I did not see this coming!

Yes, yes, I’m back, I’m not dead, and y’all can stop wondering if the GLI bankrupted me; it hasn’t. I’ll be popping in to say sup occasionally, but between two jobs, a stunnimg girlfriend, and impending cancer (AKA college year two in the fall) I won’t be around much.

Car filled weekends are best weekends! Car filled weekends are best weekends!

Did a lot of car stuff this weekend. Friday was a large meet and then afterwards a cruise with some buddies, and Saturday was a private gathering at a local business that just so happens to have a very pretty work space. Always fun to meet new car people, and hang with good friends! Here’s a few shots from the private…

It needs new rims.... It needs new rims....

Now that the GLI is sitting low with the coils, I’ve realized it really needs a nice set of wheels to make it *pop!*

Sup oppo, long time no see! Sup oppo, long time no see!

Been busy lately. New things wity the car:

Thoughts on a Passat Thoughts on a Passat

My stepdad sold his diesel touareg not that long ago, and in it’s place came this:

Milestone with the GLI  Milestone with the GLI 

Last week, the GLI finally hit the big one, 60k miles! it took me 2 years and 3 months to get there, from when i bought her with 23k miles in the summer of 2014. it also marks 5,000 miles with all the modifications on the car.

Audi S3 BBK installed! Audi S3 BBK installed!

Finally got my brakes on! took way longer than it should have, since we found out a bolt on the rotor was completely stripped (forcing us ro reassemble, go take the car to get the bolt replaced, and then re-do everything) but after that was fixed it was smooth sailing!

SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA! College class bait and switch SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA! College class bait and switch

Rant after pic. Has to do with gender and sexuality. i’m not trying to offend anyone. i’m just venting about an annoying class, and how it goes against my religious beliefs. read at your own discretion. pic for getting this far.

Some vintage #watchlopnik for y'all Some vintage #watchlopnik for y'all

Finally, after a month and a half, 2 weeks later than it should have been, i got my vintage marvin back from the watch shop! This watch was given its first proper service in 20 years, since it was my grandfathers back in the 1980's. I am in love with how it turned out!

STOP! Hammer time. STOP! Hammer time.

Picked up a set of S3 brakes for the GLI today. They’re 340mm (13.4"). At $700 i got 80% of a BBK’s potential power for half the cost! Best part is the set has like 5k miles on it! Will post pics when installed!

More GLI work More GLI work

Now that I’ve had the K04 turbo installed for about 3500 miles, i decided to do some data logging with a buddy of mine. What we found out was that the stock airbox was not giving enough airflow, and that above 4000rpm the car was cutting fuel to compensate for the lack of air. I went to a local VW shop, and picked up…


I’ve had this stuck in my head today, so i will get it stuck in your heads as well!

Late Night Musings... (contemplation post) Late Night Musings... (contemplation post)

So, as i’ve mentioned before in here, i’m in college, and own a 300whp GLI. for some inexplicable reason, i don’t think my car is quick enough and i’m already (a month after i spent a stupidly large sum of money) thinking what to get next. Thing is, i don’t regret spending the money on a car, i just don’t know if what…

Good Morning, Oppositelock Good Morning, Oppositelock

Here, have your morning coffee, and enjoy some cinematographic greatness, brought to us by our buddies at petrolicious.

Lookin at a winter beater tonight  Lookin at a winter beater tonight 

1991 ford explorer 2-door 4x4. It’s cheap and it runs. Thoughts? 135k miles, new tires and sound system. Looks like a good deal to me :)

Cars look good in front of brick buildings.... Cars look good in front of brick buildings....

Man i want some new wheels sand some coilovers for mine though..

"Just add boost!" owning a 300whp jetta "Just add boost!" owning a 300whp jetta

Five days ago, I got out of bed, showered and dressed, and then went out to meet my friend who was waiting. I hopped in his 2014 Camaro, and we set off to a local shop. “So, how fast do you think it’s gonna be?” he asked. I looked at him “faster than this thing?” he teased. That’s when I smiled …

GLI K04 Project part 2 GLI K04 Project part 2

Clutch and diff are in! All we’re waiting on now is the K04 Turbo to arrive! Here’s a few pics of said work!

The Alltracks are here! The Alltracks are here!

Stepdad spotted these at the dealer today! They’re in for testing, will be on sale soon!

K04 GLI project: part 1 K04 GLI project: part 1

So as many of you know, i own a GLI. I was going to sell it and buy a new mustang GT, but due to some things going on recently, I decided to keep my hopped up jetta.

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