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I’d really like to avoid getting eaten. I’d really like to avoid getting eaten.

Edit: not sure why this posted... yesterday. Trying again in 3... 2... Howdy Oppo. Going to Australia. Need advice. Have a bikecat for your time.

Hey, Oppo.  Been a while.  Got a bike question.  Hey, Oppo.  Been a while.  Got a bike question. 

Hey all. Work’s been incredibly busy and consuming, but in a really fun and engaging sort of way. Sorry for not contributing much of anything lately. Got a bike question...

Stablemate Stablemate

My better half just got a thing. This is going to be a fun summer.

N+1 N+1

It’s about 8 months later than I’d hoped, but I finally added my “holy shit I scored my dream job” bike to the stable. Thus the long wait until May for delivery of the Krampus begins.

DOTS San Diego DOTS San Diego

I found this in a lot along the waterfront near the convention center. This was the night before I saw a 1st gen NSX, Godzilla, and a 911 parked in a row on 5th street. Sadly I didn’t get a photo of that set. Bonus pictures of some sweet tail follow.

Two wheel Oppo: good   Two wheel Oppo: good  

Well, it’s not the Krampus I’ve been pining for, but it’ll do. UPS dropped this new-to-me Salsa Mukluk on my doorstep a few weeks ago, and I’ve been getting it set up the way I like it since. I made a few basic fit adjustments and swapped out the brakes and the rear cog.

Rainy Saturday arts and crafts  Rainy Saturday arts and crafts 

Funny thing. It turns out that giving my children access to paper and charcoals is how nightmares are born.

Nerdgasm  Nerdgasm 

New job, new toys. They let me take it home for the weekend. It’s time to show the kids oscilloscope music.

Good News!

Hey, Oppo. New job has been had, and it’s pretty close to my dream job. Much stress relieved. I’ll try to live up to my commitment to contribute more now that the burden has been lifted. Hope you’ve been well.

Motobecane Boris the Evil Brut—Long term review Motobecane Boris the Evil Brut—Long term review

I think this photo just about covers things.


Hi Oppo.

Krampus Krampus

Hi Oppo, it’s been a while. Work’s been all consuming lately, and quite frankly, hell. I’ve finally drawn together what looks like an exit strategy, and that means I can start to think about things I like again, such as cars and bicycles. I’m thinking of buying one of these once I GTFO:

Summer teeth Summer teeth

Summar’ there, some aren’t. Whoops. I misjudged a bunny hop though a rock garden, and came down hard with all of me, the bike, and inertia on that one tooth. It lost. I think I need a bash ring.

Ran when parked Edit: solved. You people are amazing.  Ran when parked Edit: solved. You people are amazing. 

I came across this on a power line atv trail while out riding this evening. There must be a hell of a story behind this. I’ve got absolutely no idea what it was.

Hiya, Oppo Hiya, Oppo

Work sucks. It’s been a hellishly busy and stressful couple of months at work, and it’s not getting better any time soon. Since I’ve been absent for a while, in lieu of my regular shitposting about Dogmeat and overpowered station wagons, here’s some long overdue impressions about this:


This cheered me up on an otherwise dreary ride home yesterday. I got lucky and got stopped at a light where I could get a photo of an Isuzu Vehicross in the flesh. This one looked suspiciously clean for a winter driver in Maine. It’s either immaculately maintained, or as some would say: “taint from round hear.” What a…

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

Woohoo! BONUS DAY! 22" of snow forecast today along with a blizzard warning, so the office, thankfully, decided to close. Looks like I won’t be riding dry trails for a while... how’s your Tuesday?

Commiserating  Commiserating 

Rough day. Post your dream car/motorcycle/mountain bike.

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