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Let's talk about bullshit.

The Indianapolis 500 has a TV blackout in the Indianapolis market. That’s some bullshit right there.

Not another. This is getting old.

School shooting at a middle school five miles from me. Suspect in custody, two in the hospital.

I made $6,438,294.87 last year working part time. You won't believe how... I made $6,438,294.87 last year working part time. You won't believe how...

Any Oppo’s have side businesses? The wife and I are talking about dipping our toes into bumper stickers and tee shirts. We’ve got quite a few ideas for a series of bumper stickers we haven’t seen yet, but we have absolutely no idea where to start... How does Oppo make money other than the way you make money?

Kinja's gonna Kinja

Click notification > read > click reply > null. Refresh page > click reply > text box opens. Fuck you kinja.

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

Hot take: the F40 looks worst in red.

Damn you weather!!! Damn you weather!!!

I was supposed to be hauling my family down to Johnson City TN this weekend to stay at a beautiful lakefront property with many of our friends; however, the family that owns the property had their primary home flooded yesterday. Inside that garage were 1965 and 1967 Mustangs and a 2016 Ram.

Would you rather... Would you rather...

Vaporware edition.

Morning politics. Morning politics.

AKA why conservatives continue to lash out at the so-called leftist mainstream media.

Dodge and Mecum Dodge and Mecum

I swung down to the fairgrounds over my lunch period today, this is where Mecum has set up shop to run a few thousand cars over the auction blocks this week. As I approached the grounds I heard what sounded like a burnout competition. Turns out that Dodge had a few Challengers and Chargers set up to run a small course…

Well shit. Well shit.

Pulled the T-tops off at lunch. Drove down to Mecum for a bit. Got back to the office and went to put the tops back on....

Shane Moore wins the game. Shane Moore wins the game.—-1943-NTX/3396821.html

Let's play a game. Let's play a game.

Guess the car.

Jadeoh wins!!! Jadeoh wins!!!

But so many others were so close.

Let's play a game. Let's play a game.

It’s been an hour. Oppo, I am disappoint. Clue #2

Let's play a game Let's play a game

Guess the car.

Let's play a game Let's play a game

Guess the car.

Oppo PSA. Oppo PSA.

Just saw my first new Enclave Avenir. It looks absolutely fantastic in person.

Garagelopnik Garagelopnik

I built a standing shelf when I moved into my house three years ago. I’ve now decided the shelves take up valuable real estate, so I’m looking to make a change.

There's no way this is real There's no way this is real

Seriously. It can’t be. Can it?

Seriously, what's wrong with humanity? Seriously, what's wrong with humanity?

I posted my Tundra for sale, because why not. I’ve had it for about a year so I’m bored and want something different. I stated my reason for selling as “the wife said I have too many cars...” And this is the email I get....

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