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Yo what did I say about that ugly  ass sweater Yo what did I say about that ugly  ass sweater

Sme body was going to use it on their record.


This was just posted over at Pictorial.

White People. Are You Ok? Do You Want To Talk?

Something very strange is happening.

It's Finna Be Lit!!!!

All the seasons of Four Weddings are on Demand!!!!

All This Talk About Blackfishing and...... All This Talk About Blackfishing and......

we refuse to talk about who pulled off the greatest blackfishing scam of all time.

Keep Bringing It: And All Other Bowlers, A Meditation

Previously, I said a thing and then Keep Bringing It said another thing and here we are.


It’s not that I’m against the story being told, in fact it’s the complete opposite. It’s that the perspective, THE LONE GOOD WHITE MAN, is particularly for this story is in my opinion disgusting. Especially when you consider the scope of how EVERYONE was involved in their murder.  

Four Weddings....And a Clue

I’m watching a season Four Weddings aka One of the Greatest Reality Shows of Our Time, on Hulu.

Bitch, Be Humble.

So, I’m chillin at Starbucks.

As A Jamaican .... As A Jamaican ....

I’m disgusted.

Obserrvation: Game of Thrones 

I’m rewatching Game of Thrones and at this point I’m convinced the sex scenes are just fap material for weiss and benioff’s rape fantasies and fetishes. Which I kinda don’t understand because I am sure there is porn for that. *shrug* 

No Place Like Home For The Holidays/s No Place Like Home For The Holidays/s

Me: You’re actions do not match with your words. You have no respect for me or my personhood. You have no clue who I am and you’re not interested in anything I am saying or have to say. It’s toxic and I’m growing to hate you.

It's Crazy How the Truth Can Hit You

I am going through issues with my mom. Our relationship has always been a complicated one.

The Kids Are......Something Else.

So I met with a brand influencer yesterday and it was....... something.

A Little Something For The Nerds

I doing some research for this thing I am writing and I came across this digital archive from The University of North Carolina called Documenting the American South. It’s filled with recordings and transcripts of interviews with people from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, about a ton of subjects. There is…


And Yet......I have so many questions.

White Women, What is Going On tho? Really? Let's Talk.

More than anything I’m just so confused.

Poll : open thread Poll : open thread

Something a little fun and innocuous because we’re all going through it right now.


Growing up, the word “black” was never used to describe me. I was never properly black, because I didn’t talk black and I had zero cultural ties to anything considered black by the few black people I knew. To some, my features weren’t black enough. To others, my very presence among white people all the time, was…

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