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Canape Ideas

Long time no see guys. Sorry, my new job doesn’t allow me to be on here really.

Fanasty Football

Guys anyone up for joining my PPR NFL fantasy league? It’s all nice people, some from my real life (including my bro), some from the Survivor website I frequent and GeorgiaBlythe from here.

Holy Shit: Ask A Manager

Guys this Ask a Manager is a doozy:

Hey Friends: News from London

So, there was a terror attack under 5 minute walk from my office. London Bridge is where I work. The station I use 5 days a week is directly across from where these men ran people down. The place I meet people for dinner/drinks after work was where they stabbed people dead. I am fine, I was at a Buffy quiz very near…

Recommendation post OT

I need a budgeting app. Please recommend.

Morning OT/ Mourning OT

Today is Article 50 Day. The Day that old British people took us back 40 years because they were annoyed we couldn’t buy incandescent lightbulbs and our passports aren’t blue, seriously.

Morning OT

Fingers Crossed.


First day of my last week at work and I am full on senior year mode. I am doing the bare minimum.

Westminster Attack

I am fine, as I don’t work anywhere near Westminster.

Open Thread

I don’t really have a jumping off topic today.

Open Thread

T-Minus 2 weeks until I finish this crummy job and my boss isn’t in so I can crack on and do some of the bits without the pressure of her questioning my ever move.

Grumpy OT

I am coming down with a cold. My head is all fuzzy and my nose is leaking like a tap. The only bonus is in my final 3 weeks of work I can legitimately take some days off sick. I’m just fighting not to waste them on days when my boss won’t be in anyway.

Morning OT

Today’s jump off topic is: “It is hard to make and maintain friends as an adult”.

Open Thread

What should I do with the 2.5 days leave I have to use this month?

Open Thread

So what to do at work when you got zero emails to deal with and are leaving in 4 weeks and also don’t enjoy any fuctions of your job.

More Job Woes

So guys, I told you recently about my terrible commute + overly zealous manager who nitpicks everything after I’ve done it. I applied for the permanant version of my role because it’s nice to have a back up even if it’s a job you hate. I didn’t get shortlisted, I applied using the exact statement I used when I was…

Work Blues

I’ve been missing recently because my boss has cracked down on internet use.

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