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Hood Transport Hood Transport

This is how it’s done. The 931 hood was too wide to fit in the Explorer’s trunk, so the 2nd row had to do! There was sooo much unnecessary bondo on the perfectly straight hood, we did a lot of rust repair and bondo correction for me to paint this week. 

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

How’s Friday!!

Alfa (SOHC) vs Everyone Else (DOHC) Alfa (SOHC) vs Everyone Else (DOHC)

So I just found out that the 2.0L 276hp/300tq in the mid-range Giulia uses SOHC?? I’m pretty sure FCA is the only major company still using it, but why?? It’s four valves per cylinder, but what advantage could SOHC have over DOHC to retain it?

Afternoon Oppo Afternoon Oppo

I’ve got another interview tomorrow morning at Makino. Kinda overwhelmed with how fast this one came about, but no harm in applying to multiple places, right?

Well, This SUCKS Well, This SUCKS

On so many levels, theoretical and real levels. This might be the greatest loss for humanity this decade, or maybe even this century.....If we even get to the end of this century. One of the greatest minds to have ever lived, and we were all so fortunate to have him.

Went on the Internet Went on the Internet

Found pictures of a 928 next to a brand new Panamera Turbo. Bigger car is bigger.

931 Drivetrain 931 Drivetrain

Pretty cool huh. I love pictures like this.


Lemme tell ya, I LOVE finding cancer bubbling on newer cars. Not really, but here’s what I found when I popped open the trunk on my Mustang this weekend.

K-Roll's Driving Playlist: The Rolling Stones K-Roll's Driving Playlist: The Rolling Stones

Gimmie Shelter: An oldie but goodie. My playlist is running stale. Please recommend me some fun and catchy (not too catchy) songs! Nothing extreme and over the top please.

Got the Internship! Got the Internship!

The 2nd interview went great! Got a tour of where I’ll eventually be working at Yazaki North America once we get scheduling sorted out. I celebrated by doing paint correction and a full detail on my Mustang.

2nd Interview Time  2nd Interview Time 

Let’s do it!!

How's Oppo Doing Tonight? How's Oppo Doing Tonight?

I’m a wee bit bored.

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

How’re we doing this morning?

Two cans of brake cleaner Two cans of brake cleaner

Less grimey and more shiny. While waiting for my new water pump, T-stat, valves, control arm and shifter bushings, I will be cleaning as much of the engine as possible.

Afternoon Oppo Afternoon Oppo

This is my favorite Ferrari interior. That gauge cluster is perfect.

How's Oppo doing tonight? How's Oppo doing tonight?

Drinking and dinner at home, thinking about how close my 931 is to running compared to last year. Howabout you all?

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