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Waiting for a Meeting at Work Waiting for a Meeting at Work

What’s going on with your days Oppo.

Geckositelock  Geckositelock 

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Just like corgis, leopard geckos can sploot too. So lazy.

Electrically sound, it is not :( Electrically sound, it is not :(

What you see is my being towed home last night by my frustrated friend who’s helped me put this car back together since almost Day 1 with his T&C. The drive to work yesterday was great with no problems. The “drive” to a friends house after work is where it went to shit.

Mechanically, the car is pretty sound now Mechanically, the car is pretty sound now

Sound enough I drove it to work this afternoon. After rebuilding the rear calipers and putting fresh pads in, the car drives significantly better than my 944 ever did in the 3 years I had it.

Depression SUCKS Depression SUCKS

I couldn’t believe this when I saw it at my desk. We need to stop being close-minded and turning a blind eye. We need to be open and empathetic about depression and mental illness and help everyone and anyone within our reach whom we care about that struggles with it every day. Even individuals perceived to be well…

How're we doing this evening? How're we doing this evening?

Just enjoying my bourbon before bed. Howabout you all?

The 931's Maiden Voyage The 931's Maiden Voyage

(Originally posted at the wrong time) Yeah...Working 8-4 every day does not allow me time to Oppo much I’ve realized now; especially compounded by my habit of passing out or working on the car as soon as I get home. But Tuesday marked the car’s first time on public roads under it’s own power.

Happy Memorial Day  Happy Memorial Day 

The car is relatively b n together for “around town” driving and cruising Woodward. Cleaned and installed my new-old carpets yesterday night.

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

I’ve been working every day after work to get the car ready and it should be all set to drive after work this evening! New strut inserts and rotors are in on the passenger side.

Got Carpets! Got Carpets!

Taking a break from car things because wisdom teeth pulling this morning, still did 931 stuff yesterday. A generous 944 enthusiast allowed me to take as much of the interior of one of his 944 parts cars after work and said I could come back for other interior bits I might be missing. I got all the carpet to fill the…

Morning Oppo Morning Oppo

Can someone ID what I’m positive is a Lincoln or Cadillac that I’ve circled? Never seen one before yesterday. All I know is that it had two doors, sorta shaped like a fastback, quad-eyed, and had two sets of vertical slats for a grille similar to BMW’s kidney grille.

My Office Desk My Office Desk

Very Parsh, very Oppo, highly caffeinated.

My Expanding Foam Fix Worked!! My Expanding Foam Fix Worked!!

For now...We’ll see how long it holds up, but there were no leaks during the scattered showers all day today so I’m calling it a successful temporary fix. In the meantime, my interior is starting to look like an interior again.

Battery Tray Repair Attempt  Battery Tray Repair Attempt 

Google search “924 944 battery tray rust” and you’ll be met with a nasty sight. I don’t think there’s a single car that hasn’t had this issue, and mine does.


Making progress every week! My friend and I dialed in the ignition timing and changed the trans fluid this weekend. We took it around the block, and learned quite a few things about the car’s condition.

Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished

The top-end rebuild, new-used starter, and new alturbonator did the trick! The car now moves on it’s own power 100%!! Took it around the block for a mile, it was surreal.

Easiest Turbo Removal Easiest Turbo Removal

Less than 10 minutes. Took it to O’Reilly’s and it failed. Ordered a new one to pick up tomorrow for $80. So glad I don’t have to go wire hunting anymore to actually get this thing roadworthy, other than insurance.

"New" Starter worked like a charm! "New" Starter worked like a charm!

I can finally get to setting timing and such. Also onto the next part of the interior project: Center console delete!

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