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I drove a MANUAL W8 PASSAT WAGON TODAY. I’ve reached peak Oppo or Jalopnik. This is the unicorn Jalops want, but probably won’t buy.

924 Turbo Test Drive Two 924 Turbo Test Drive Two

There’s a lotta potential left in this machine; compared to how it came to me, I’m very content with how it sits now.

Howabout That (o_o) Howabout That (o_o)

After months of diagnosis,research, and recording numbers and comparing them to spec, I must’ve recorded a few numbers incorrectly. All I needed was a $30 ignition coil and the 931 is running again!!

Whoops Whoops

I now know what it’s like to blow up an ignition coil...

I did a thing. I did a thing.

I had three hours before work. Glossy black for parts of cars sucks for fingerprints and swirls. I solved that problem this afternoon. I needed something to do to pass the time, and this was the result.

I Need Some Help/Support I Need Some Help/Support

*Image and word buffer for personal things below*

Today is "Meh-lancholy" Today is "Meh-lancholy"

But what isn’t “meh” is this 928.

Self-Depreciating Humor Time Self-Depreciating Humor Time

I love making people laugh so here’s some humor!!

Mach 1 to 6 Mach 1 to 6

Minus 2, 3, and 4.

Did you know... Did you know...

You can get Aventador taillights for your Camaro? I’m really bored at work, so here’s this stupid fact.


Some of our tennis store’s clients are enthusiasts or like cars. One such client owns this 2011 Mustang GT with 106k miles. His last car was a ‘96 Mystichrome Cobra and ordered this when it was totalled. You’ve seen me post about the corrosion issues on my ‘17 Mustang. Well here’s what happens if you let it go…

The Man, The Myth, The Legend... The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

Godspeed, Bandit. You’ve gone and jumped that bridge into the our hearts and memories forever. (;_;)


My 380hp/400tq Boostang, or the 350hp/350tq RS? It’s your only choice as a manual daily driver. And what would you do with it?

K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 3 K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 3

For Round 3 of this game, I’m picking something pseudo-techo, so why not lead with a technological car. The rule this go around is to pick a song of similar sound and/or genre.

Spec'd an 8-Series (US-Style) Spec'd an 8-Series (US-Style)

No 840 yet on the US site (bummer because it looks better than the 850), but this is what I’ve come up with. I can’t see why someone wouldn’t chose a 911 or C-Class coupe over this for performance but I am me.

Question Question

I’m definitely not the first to ask probably. Why doesn’t or why didn’t Mercedes ever make a super cheap G-Class with a more spartan interior, potent engine, and off-road capable competitor for Jeeps that go off road?

Caymans Getting Cheaper & Cheaper Caymans Getting Cheaper & Cheaper

As my lowest-priced future attainable daily driver dream car (LPFADDDC), it’ll only take a couple more years before depreciation brings the majority of them to sub $40k price tags. Then I’ll be outta college with a well paying job and the majority of student debt paid off (hopefully) and I’ll have my moment.

Honestly Conflicting Honestly Conflicting

It should go without saying that the SS is one of the most atrocious car designs against humanity. However, I can’t say that the V6 and Turbo 4 models looks bad. Comparing the previous to the new side-by-side though...


To everything in and about this picture. That’s all.

K-Roll's Driving (REDUX) 3: British Edition K-Roll's Driving (REDUX) 3: British Edition

A British car for a British Edition for my Driving Playlist! This time the only rule is the songs and artists must come from England-land.

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