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Weekend Things Weekend Things

!How’re ya gonna spend it? I’m almost done stripping the body. Looking like it’ll be the end of April or start of May to send it in.


My car is getting nekid for paint. Almost done. Smaller and more finicky trims and such need to come off. This probably took a couple hours max.

If you had to choose one... If you had to choose one...

Which one would you take, and why? I’m gonna have to go with the XKSS. Everything I’ve just seen and read about it briefly, it’s the first classic roadster I’ve discovered on the internet since the BMW 507 that’s had me think “yes, I would max these out on Route 66 without a care.

One more color One more color

Piggybacking off my last post, there’s one more color. Albert Blue, offered from 1969-71

Painting Time Painting Time

The 931 is going in for a full-on respray in the next week or so. Gotta get it ready by removing all the trim I can and mask all the things I don’t want painted. I thought about repainting it the original Dolomite Grey, then I remembered the blue interior, I’ve already said F*** originality. So I’m gonna do it my way.

2020 Ford Escape..... 2020 Ford Escape.....

What in the name of stereotypical bad millennial pandering is this reveal? I want to escape as far away from this reality as possible, but I watched the reveal already. So I’ll show you all instead.

Dis Blu Dis Blu

It’s a good blu. Doing more test fitting, I should have this done by the end of next week. EDIT: Not sure how I double-posted. Damn Intern messing with Kinja again.

Most Test Fitting Most Test Fitting

Gott damn is this blue sharp. 

Mission Accomplished [Politic] Mission Accomplished [Politic]

He defeated ISIS all by himself with his own two hands.......What’s that? ISIS isn’t defeated? This is worse than that time I was told Al Quaeda was defeated in elementary or middle school.......Wait.

More interior progress/Painting Plans More interior progress/Painting Plans

Not nearly enough cocaine is going into this (literally no cocaine). The flooring is in, just need to get the contours to conform to where I need them to go and make sure nothing is James.

Interior Progress Interior Progress

11/10 Blue was the way to go, to fulfill my non-cocaine fueled Turbo Parsh dreams. And boy does it look good with the seats. Also, upholstery isn’t as hard as I thought. It just requires a lotta measuring, and measuring, and cutting, and more measuring.

Albert Blue Albert Blue

Das ist gut blau.

RS Doorcard Round 2 RS Doorcard Round 2

Peeled off the vinyl (again), brushed the cardboard with rustoleum to give it some water resistance, and two layers of “duck canvas” from Joann Fabrics. Not bad for a noob. Just gotta figure out how I’m gonna add door pulls this time.

Interior Round 2 Interior Round 2

The first time time I pillaged part of an interior from a 944 to give some semblance of an interior. This time, I’ve gotten a brand new set of flooring made in dark navy blue. Because I didn’t want tan, and black would be boring.

931 RUNS AGAIN!! (Again) 931 RUNS AGAIN!! (Again)

Resealed turbo and oil pan, and it’s a cranky bugger after three months of engine work. I also re-remembered my car has a gutted catalytic converter last night.

Mobil 1  Mobil 1 

Never used it before. This’ll be neat. And fully synthetic no less. Normally I’ve used conventional, but in the name of prolonged turbo life, this’ll be neat. 

Today is going much better  Today is going much better 

I got the oil pan back in after fighting obstructions and gravity for two hours.

F*** Valentines Day F*** Valentines Day

An addendum to my first post of the day. Got my first rear-ending (love tap or whatever) on the way to class this afternoon.

Oppo, tell me everything you know... Oppo, tell me everything you know...

About the Megatron engine. I never knew such an amazingly engineered-yet clinically insane engine existed like this. And I’m more shocked that this is a god damned 4 cylinder! I F’ing love Germany. But I need to learn MOAR!!

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