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Sometimes things can only be parody even if they are meant to be serious. 

This is why people on the right laugh at people on the left for this gobshite.

Happy May Day Tovarish! Happy May Day Tovarish!

Enjoy some memories from glorious past of People’s Soviet Socialist Republic! Party like it’s December 1991!

RIP Gunny.  RIP Gunny. 

Sad to hear that one of my favorite actors passed away today. R. Lee Ermey helped to make Full Metal Jacket one of my favorite movies as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman. Gunny, Cowboy, Joker and Animal Mother all made the FMJ a classic.

Another alleged terrorist attack in Paris. 

A knife-wielding assailant killed one person and injured four others in a lively neighborhood near Paris’ famed Opera Garnier before he was killed by police in the French capital Saturday night.

A new entrant for Wagon Wednesdays A new entrant for Wagon Wednesdays

My brand new 2018 Foz XT. I know it’s not a wagon per se but it’s the best I can do from Subaru. So far it has been a very fun ride.

Get you to the Alligator Brewery today!

Good beer always triumphs over hate

This night's selection.  This night's selection. 

Stone brewing enjoy by Halloween and St. Boniface Surprise it’s another IPA.

Tonight's selection.  Tonight's selection. 

Spaten Ockoberfest.

Are we still doing Wagon Wednesdays? Are we still doing Wagon Wednesdays?

Anyway, just washed mine and wanted to show her off.

RIP Chuck Berry.  RIP Chuck Berry. 

You and Michael J Fox heavily influenced my music tastes. Thank you.

An Onion article plays out in real life.

Just when you thought people couldn’t be more daft, horseshit like this happens. A Walking Dead t-shirt triggered a pair of twatwaffles becasue it featured Lucille and Eeny-meeny-miny-moe. A line and prop from the season 7 premier of TWD. The pair of pearl clutchers claim up and down the High street this makes phrase…

Another rock legend passed today... Another rock legend passed today...

Founding member of the Allman Brothers, Butch Trucks passed away today at age of 69. He was part of a two drumset powerhouse with fellow Brother Jaimoe. Enjoy some past moments of drumming brilliance.

RIP Leia Organa Skywalker  

Carrie Fisher passed today after suffering from a heart attack this past week.

Berlin Attack case you were wondering.

Berlin’s Xmas market reopened today.

Trunk kills 9 and injures 50 in at a Christmas Market in Berlin.

This occurred outside of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. According to Metro’s sources, the driver is said to be on the run. More details to follow.

Someone Tell Orlove his T-shirt has arrived. Someone Tell Orlove his T-shirt has arrived.

Today’s Blipshift. I got mine.

Rollin' Coal just shows the worst in people Rollin' Coal just shows the worst in people

At a recent Hagerstown, MD BLM protest concerning the pepper spraying of a 15 year old girl; a couple of local yokel’s engaged in their very peculiar sort of fun.

A piece of my childhood died today. 

I bring sad news to those of a certain age. Our friend Captain Noah passed away today at the age of 90. Many people from the Delaware Valley will remember waking up to him every morning. Together with his wife Patricia they brought joy to millions of children over the course of 27 years.

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