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Right now I’m broke, and my car is all busted up because I was bound to make it to 500hp thinking that was the key to winning Super clas at Irwindale. I still can’t win in super class at Irwindale. I’m going to spring for slicks next time I need tires and see if that does it.

I Want These  I Want These 

Help me find them

I are Confused I are Confused

i was looking on this importer website called Montu Motors, and I saw what I at first thought was a friggin sketchy ad. a “1991" R34... I was like “yeah sure buddy” just assuming this was a totally non legit importer trying to sell an R34. until I read the description


Well this is a nwe one from me. An Avanti SEDAN.

An Over looked Detail An Over looked Detail

The V in my name is for Volvo so it should be no surprise that I love the P1800, especially the ES shooting brake version. And as much time as I spent looking at these cars I’ve never noticed how artfully hidden eh door handles are.

Well You Don't See That Everyday Well You Don't See That Everyday

have youever wondered what a mid 60's car would look like done up like a 50's Low Rider? the continental kit, the spot lights, lake pipe exhausts, duel antennas, skirted fenders. None of these would looks out of place on a 55 crown Vic, but a 65 Galaxie? I honeslty like it,and would drive it. The hard part is you cant…

Dream Garage 1st Page of CL ed. Dream Garage 1st Page of CL ed.

I know what your thinking “but HFV we just did this yesterday!” and you’re right. So this time you get One filter option. Could be a particular make, a year minimum, or maximum, only manual, only automatic, a particular body type, or even one color. It could be the world “weird” fro all I care, but you only get ONE…

Dream Garage: 1st Page of CL ed.  Dream Garage: 1st Page of CL ed. 

I’ve done this one before, but that was 7 months ago!

That Ain't a Cupholder That Ain't a Cupholder

it’s a known fact that German car makers put cupholders low on their priority list. 8/10 they are an after thought. 9/10 they dont work as intended, and sometimes they aren’t even trying. like this.

Things I Like Things I Like

Unusual interiors.

That’s a new one.  That’s a new one. 

I just saw a car with this badge which I’m 99% sure isn’t OEM equipment in any market.

DOTS:Duluth DOTS:Duluth

I’m in Duluth this weekend for a little mini family getaway. We went to the aquarium today. Those dang river ottters are so cool.

Playing FR legends like  Playing FR legends like 

I just noticed a cool detail. Any wheels you own but aren’t using get put on the self in the back of you garage. That’s the stock wheel, and the 3 spokes that I had on the front. Stuff like that makes this game really cool.

Galant VR-4 on BaT Galant VR-4 on BaT

This will be interesting. I bought my GVR4 for 1500 bucks with no brakes, beat the hell out of it, dumped a bunch of money into it(about 3k), and then sold it for 1200 bucks non running (due to a seized alternator) about 3 years later.

Pretty Pretty

I love it. I could do without the modern wheels, but they look decent for what they are. They just need to be on a truck that’s 30 years newer. Pretty much any steel wheel, 12 hole alloy would look better.

Crackiest of pipes. Crackiest of pipes.

Almost TEN GRAND for a CRX convertible. Yes these convertions are rare, and yeah it looks to be in good shape, you could even argue that the body kit looks good and adds value, but you’d be wrong. Also it has 150,000 miles, and LED blinkers. High miles, and non period mods, in my eyes, takes it straight out of collect…

This game is seriously fun. 

Made another goal on FR Legeneds this morning in a 200 point battle on route B. It’s pretty hard to not smash the leader on this track, but I managed it on this run and ended up with a 98 point follow which is pretty damn good. Also found a crazy Ebisu line on IG.

Just a Quick Reminder Just a Quick Reminder

That the 53 Studebaker Commander is probably one of the best looking cars to come out of the 50s.

Zoid Bait Zoid Bait

Saw this for sale on the way home from work.

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