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Its that kind of Monday Its that kind of Monday

actually its been that kind of weekend.

Electrical Upgrade Electrical Upgrade

I’ve settled on the fact that I want to upgrade my electrical this next weekend, but I haven’t settled on how.

Time to get real Time to get real

When i fly i always recline my seat in hopes that the person behind me will be an uptight tech blogger that will write scathing diatribes about the fall of civilization this behavior represents. I also fart loudy when they get up and then glare at them.

PS vs Google photos PS vs Google photos

So I recently posted some pictures on O&E of a neat little place I found near me and as I do with all my images, I have them uploaded to Google photos, well after a few days Google finds that I have exposure bracketed images in the roll and decides to HDR the images themselves. In the past the results have ranged from…

Google is wrong, then right. Google is wrong, then right.

I usually have the voice turned off but I had my torque pro app running and I needed to hear the turns.

Namibia Promo Namibia Promo

This is a Namibia guided tour promo, shot with the Panasonic GH5 and I like it. Top quality pictures, and a decent narrative. Really nice story without getting too wanky.

Chevroboat Chevroboat

I have my doubts that the stovebolt 6 is doing 20 mph in a 35 foot boat though.

Comments - they been Kinja'd Comments - they been Kinja'd

About 50% of my replies aren’t showing up. Good times.

A Short List of Recent Toyota One Hit Wonders. A Short List of Recent Toyota One Hit Wonders.

Cars people loved, but Toyota had zero interest in investing further in. “Once is enough” they say.

Cruiser Stuffs Cruiser Stuffs

Big Cruiser

any shoe people? any shoe people?

Looking for a good pair of waterproof mid hikers for a trip to Alaska in the fall. any suggestions?

Fish Tacos Fish Tacos

bear in mind this isn’t San Diego...it’s Utah so “good fish taco’s” may vary by region.

I hate this channel...but dammit he's actually pretty accurate I hate this channel...but dammit he's actually pretty accurate

And sadly the best history of Land Cruiser history on the tubes. sigh.

Today in: you really thought that was wise? Trump Highway Today in: you really thought that was wise? Trump Highway

Not to get too politicals up in here but being road related (some of the best driving roads in the country IMO), I thought I would share. Here is the thing, if your state is home to 5 national parks and many national monuments but the president cut the interior department budget by 2 billion (12%) and drastically cut…

DMV Logic DMV Logic

Need to renew your still valid government issued I.D.? Sure thing, come on in! Btw, that valid government issued ID that we required you to prove your legal status in order to get, and is valid legal status ID for literally everyone else...isn’t a valid ID to prove your legal status, be sure to bring a birth…

So American, many product So American, many product

So I’m still on the hunt for the ideal battery solution for me, and i’ve kind of sort of settled on the idea that something like a “solar generator” would be a great solution for me. The truth is the only additionally battery power I need for my solution powers my fridge, for a few more days, I figure about 35 amp…

Big 4's Big 4's

I like engines on the fringe of normal, Tiny v12's and huge 4 cylinders particularly. This is the Vortec 2900 and its a 2.9 liter I4, which is basically a 3.5 I5 with one less cylinder, which was basically a 4.2 I6 with more bore (and one less cylinder). 185hp and 190 lbs-ft (at a nice low 2800 rpm). Not s…

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