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Seent a Flying thing tonight Seent a Flying thing tonight

The 388th out of Hill were doing a 4 jet flyover of a game tonight and they were just doing loops right over my house, for about an hour. and I mean RIGHT over my house. probably 2000 feet AGL and straight over. Fun to see the F35A’s looking pretty and not just story fodder.

Smoke and Flowers Smoke and Flowers

Big fires brought a lovely campfire musk to the valley this morning.

Crazy Boatlopnik Crazy Boatlopnik

Ever wondered what 5 627 hp supercharged LS9 looked and sounded like on one platform?

Paging Akio Paging Akio

This gives your buddies toaster something to aspire to.

Rally VS Property Rally VS Property

Nobody wins

Im not going to say I want to do this Im not going to say I want to do this

But I don’t NOT want to do this.

Split gate best gate Split gate best gate

Just got a text from my wife so yeah...its official.  

4Runner and Tallrunner 4Runner and Tallrunner

Both of these are Toyota J120 trucks. They were assembled side by side in Japan, but one of these is “tough and active” looking, and the other is actually a pleasure to see out of and drive. I kinda wish the Prado would just replace the 4runner, but I know why it wouldn’t.

cruisery things cruisery things

MALTEC 80 series. Drool. I mean its epicly cool, but this vehicle (on loan) is well over 100 grand. more info here

Visit the NT! Visit the NT!

Everything just sounds better with an accent.

Woo Woo

Check out that mpg!

Tiny boat - What would you pay? Tiny boat - What would you pay?

Thinking of selling my tiny boat, but I have no idea what to consider asking for money or trade. Here are some pictures and specs, what would you (honestly) pay if this popped up on your radar?

Labor Dabor Post Labor Dabor Post

Wish I could say I started the day in a good mood, in fact I was in a pretty bad mood. Anyway got things done. From boats to hikes and AC too.

Boat...man alive Boat...man alive

Even good boats, there is always something borken. yes, borken. With this boat I’d say its about 25% bad design, 25% wear and tear, 50% previous shoddy-ass work. Getting real sick of the last one.

The journey to become my father is progressing nicely. The journey to become my father is progressing nicely.

Yes, the tennis ball on the hitch ball. I use to always question my grandpa and my dad about this. My grandpa on his hilux and 4runner tailgate ball and my dad on his suburban. I get it. In the gx because the entire gate swings out, it’s easy to brush up against a grimey hitch ball and ruin many a pant. No more! The…

Hope I didn't dumb, pretty sure okay. Hope I didn't dumb, pretty sure okay.

So for some reason the rear brakes on the GX are getting chewed up at an alarming rate. Im thinking its something with the proportioning valve or just stuck pins. my old pads looked like this

A new and mildly annoying development A new and mildly annoying development

No, my actual engine speeds aren’t accurately represented. The question now is - is the signal bad, or the dial bad?

New shoes New shoes

No, not tires shoes. Actual shoes.

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