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Escaping the heat in Cartel Country Escaping the heat in Cartel Country

This week we blow out a tire, fix shock bushings and decide to keep remote camping in Cartel country. What could go wrong?

Broken in Baja!

We finally make it around the tip of Baja and into the heat of the Sea of Cortez, blow some shocks up (It’s what Baja does) and head for mainland Mexico!

Baja Paradise!

This week we get some map help from locals, give some fuel to someone, find a perfect beach and just generally start to realize we’re almost all out of Baja to explore!

Wild West Baja!

This week we help out some locals stuck for 2 days, get offered a live rabbit as thanks and find a shipwreck along a remote Baja California Sur, Beach.


If you watch one video, check this little ditty out that Kelsey made.

Stuck in Baja

We lend a helping hand keep on exploring south!

Baja - Getting Remote

Finally, we get to my favorite section of Baja. So many beaches and... almost nobody there.

"Recovery Ring" - Walkthrough

I sat down with Andy Dacey at Overland Expo and put together this walk through of the recovery ring.

Baja Beach Camp

Enough mountains, we head to the beach and stay there for a few weeks. 

Safe Jack - Gear Review

We put together a little unboxing and review video while we’re on the road. Although I hadn’t used it out of necessity as of the videos completion we’ve now had a flat (Big chunk of metal from the Mexican highway) and we used it down in a wash a minute later to change a flat. Worked well for us. The jack was short…

Full walk through of "Goose"

We did it! We spent 3 whole days in one spot and now we know we’re READY to move on. The city is not for us, but we also enjoyed walking to get tacos and margaritas. Tomorrow we hope to visit the historic Cabo San Lucas Costco to try some authentica pizza.... Don’t judge me.

Pop Top Conversion Part:2

Thank goodness we used some good Wifi to upload this one before we hit the border. I’m posting this from a place called the Old Mill in their parking lot as we found the only spot that it seems to sorta work. Viva Baja!

Pop Top Conversion on Goose!

Time to play catch up. We head to Canada to cut our roof off of Goose. NO REALLY, WE DO IT. ;-)

Moab Training :  Marine Corps Special Operations Command Moab Training :  Marine Corps Special Operations Command

Saturday morning 6/6/18 at 9am. Charles, Matt and I head for Las Vegas.

What's your favorite spot in Central and South America? What's your favorite spot in Central and South America?

Hola amigos! We are heading south into Central and South America. If you have a favorite campsite, town, trail, restaurant, taco stand, border crossing etc, we’d love to have you add it to our map!!

Overland Expo West 2018 Overland Expo West 2018

Well, it was another blur, but longer! We showed up the Saturday before Overland Expo. Being jobless means that we’ve been working until we pass out at night to get the house and truck ready for our trip (that sounds like bitching, it’s not. This is all worth it, this is all worth it). So many of life’s little details…

Dirt Sunrise Sticker/life update Dirt Sunrise Sticker/life update

Thanks guys and gals. (We have at least one female member besides Kelsey... right?..... RIGHT?!)

Steeeekers? Steeeekers?

If we made some stickers would you buy them? We’re not sure how to figure out shipping since we’ll be on the road in a couple weeks, but we’ll try to figure it all out!

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