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Guatemala! Into the blue.

We start enjoying the bluest water we’ve ever seen. From Cenotes to lakes it all seems like disneyland colored water.

Shipping from Panama to Colombia Shipping from Panama to Colombia

Well, here we are looking for a safe spot to camp for free the night before our inspection. Tomorrow morning we were headed to where another Overlander watched a guy get shot and killed directly in front of him, for a mandatory police inspection of our truck. To say we were a bit nervous was an understatement.

Last days in Mexico Last days in Mexico

Time to enjoy one last bit of Mexico and head to Guatemala!

Back to the Beach! Puerto Escondido and San Diego Surf Break

BACK TO THE BEACH!! Thank goodness. I feel at home in the mountains, desert or at the beach. Time to head to one of those.

Exploring the mountains of Oaxaca! Exploring the mountains of Oaxaca!

This week we leave Overlander Oasis to explore the local mountains and camp remote for a few days before returning to the Oasis for Mexican Independence day and the pyrotechnics that come with it!

The Overlander Oasis, Oaxaca

We head for Oaxaca and the Overlander Oasis to stay put for a few days looking for a good deal on a new set of tires. We also find out we need some exhaust work! Then we meet the first fellow travelers of the trip and it feels a little bit like home.

Exploring Cholula, Mexico. Home of the world's largest Pyramid.*

*By area of the base. Every town has their claim to fame and Cholula is no different. They have a giant pyramid that actually looks like a mountain in the middle of town. The Catholics happily built a giant church on top of it, as you do. This town was actually our favorite of the trip. It was an unassuming choice, but…

Relaxation Station

We slow down, stay above 10,000 feet as much as possible and explore more of Mexico’s quiet high country.

Climbing Volcanoes and getting remote in Mexico

We escape the big city and head off to do some camping, wheeling and hiking up on Volcanoes! We were fed up with the city and just 40 minutes outside one of the worlds biggest cities is pristine forest with no one around. PERFECT.

Don't roll your home...

This numpty nearly rolls his home on it’s side. Idjet.

Adventure Travel in Mexico- Guanajuato and Las Pozas

This week we get soaked exploring the beautiful town of Guanajuato and then off to the surrealistic world of Las Pozas high in the mountains of Central Mexico created by an eccentric Brit... of course.


This is my favorite video Kelsey has put together so far. We explore the touristy town of Tequila and then spend a couple days remote up on Volcan Tequila before moving on and finding another remote spot. We feel recharged when we can be totally alone.

Jalisco: Maintenance day!

This week we wander around Jalisco and once we find a nice big “park” in the mountains we decide to do some maintenance and explore it for a couple days. Then we’re off to Guadalajara where we get a hotel and find a punk rock bar! Like ya do...

Overland Yacht Life...

Do we sell the truck and move onto a yacht? Do we get lost in the magical maple forest? Do we start giving misleading titles to our videos!?

Exploring the abandoned railroad of Mexiquillo

This week we stumble upon the abandoned train tunnels of Mexiquillo after visiting our buddy Julian and trying some cow intestine tacos. Like ya do...

Escaping the heat in Cartel Country

This week we blow out a tire, fix shock bushings and decide to keep remote camping in Cartel country. What could go wrong?

Broken in Baja!

We finally make it around the tip of Baja and into the heat of the Sea of Cortez, blow some shocks up (It’s what Baja does) and head for mainland Mexico!

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