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A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

You didn’t know Merc did a 1 litre C class? You know now.

18/6! 18/6!

Not many know of this, especially as the number built has halved over the years. One of the two was scrapped, thus making the remaining one rather more valuable.

A thing now rarely seen A thing now rarely seen

But once everywhere. A Cortina 1.6L. The model is significant.

16/6! 16/6!

Not only

A load of bull A load of bull

It’s just as well that this intimidating character won Overall Champion in class, because I wouldn’t like to meet him had he lost.

15/6! 15/6!

Oooh, another Alfa day!

I've replaced a thing! I've replaced a thing!

Crankshaft position sensor, as so (old one shown):

14/6! 14/6!

Time for an Alfa! How exciting is this? Not very, truth be told.

I'm replacing a thing! I'm replacing a thing!

In very slow stages.

12/6! 12/6!

Anything for today? I’m sure there must be something very small and usually Polish....

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

Citroen C15 van with temporary living accommodation glued on the back.

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

Vauxhall Cresta PC complete with fuel guzzling 3.3 engine. Yes, that’s rust bubbling away just to the right of the LH light. I’m told that it’s essentially a slightly smaller version of the Chevrolet Impala of the period and for most of its life was available with a two speed (yes, two! ) automatic box as an option.

8/06! 8/06!

I had successfully forgotten that this ever existed. Can’t say as though I miss it.

Things you learn Things you learn

Courtesy of the August Horch Museum in Zwickau where I was a couple of weeks ago..

6/6! 6/6!

Time for something small and Dutch.

5/06! 5/06!

Time for the Peugeot 506!

A thing never seen A thing never seen

This thing:

4/06! 4/06!

Yet another day with a PSA connection et pourquoi pas?

Starting, by hand Starting, by hand

I really like starting by hand, provided it’s not me doing it of course.

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