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Choose your starship Choose your starship

Putting away the Christmas tree ornaments. You can choose any of the displayed ships to be your one and only space daily. Choose wisely.

I Am Your Father I Am Your Father

Being sick, I was scrolling through Netflix and came across a little documentary called I Am Your Father. It’s about the life of actor David Prowse, centered around his involvement with Star Wars. Though kind of somber in tone, I found it worth watching. The film maker always thought Prowse got screwed by not being…

Twinkies Twinkies

They don’t have to be imported. You can have one right now. And they taste better.

Sister’s doggo Sister’s doggo

Plus-sized rat.

What’s Oppo drinking? What’s Oppo drinking?

I feel like shit because I’ve caught whatever is going around. But I’ve got a daiquiri my dad made me. And here’s the thing. It’s not the drink that’s important as much as the glass it’s in. From my earliest youth I remember these specific glasses that my parents made daiquiris in. I remember being little and wanting…

Break in! Break in!

My wife tells me that a bunch of cars in our neighborhood were broken into. All of them were locked and had keyless entry. There was no damage to the cars. Our van was not touched.

Christmas presents Christmas presents

My brother got me these salt and pepper shakers for Christmas. Totally impractical and completely awesome.

Camero pace car Camero pace car

With bonus Indy car and Cosworth engine.

Merry Christmas Oppo Merry Christmas Oppo

Now I’m back to bed.

Almost there.  Almost there. 

X is my favorite.

An elf’s last ride An elf’s last ride

The last night of what is likely the last year. I figured Julie deserves to go out in style. And yes, that’s a suicide door

Dear Canuck, Dear Canuck,

Now this actually looks good.

What’s Oppo drinking? What’s Oppo drinking?

I’m sipping this. It’s really good. The guy that makes it is in the picture. Excuse me. I have to go fill my glass now.

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