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Keep Oppo short Keep Oppo short

This is relevant to this morning’s Far Side, and coincidentally has been running through my head since I woke up.

Kinja is driving me nucking futs today Kinja is driving me nucking futs today

So many people leave me interesting comments, to which I usually want to reply. So, what do I do? I go from my notifications page to that comment and hit reply. But today, when I click through, that reply button doesn’t work. I can only reply if I navigate to the comment from the main page. This is seriously high…


This still exists.

I see this more often than you would think.  I see this more often than you would think. 

I also see the Korean logo badge a bunch. My Kia service department told me they can put them on for customers. They just can’t order them for customers.

So clean! So clean!

I really admire when someone keeps their older car in such good shape.

Good morning, Oppo! Good morning, Oppo!

This fella tried to invade my castle last night and paid the price.

Wisdom Wisdom

Rule 105.5.2 of the 2018 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations states:

Say what you want... Say what you want...

...about Harley Davidson, but this is a beautiful machine.

In case you were wondering

This site will tell you if you were killed by Thanos. As I had hoped, I was spared.

The Adventures of Miles The Adventures of Miles

Good morning, Oppo. My wife showed me this story about a future One Of Us ™, and I thought I would share. Here are a few. All 28 are on the FB gallery linked below.

Hot take Hot take

Ford should have kept making the Town Car like Chevy did the Impala Limited for rentals. The Town Car is the perfect livery car.

when suddenly, a car show broke out when suddenly, a car show broke out

So, I was peddling along on my usual Sunday ride around the lake, when I came by surprise upon this show of British and European cars. So spent the next half hour awkwardly tooling around with my phone in one hand taking as many pictures as I could. I saw some cars I’d never seen in person before. There were even…

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