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The Magnificent Sufficient Nissan Versa The Magnificent Sufficient Nissan Versa

My wife bought her 2008 Nissan Versa new about a year before we got married. She/we have had it for 10 years and 115,000 miles.

What kind of a monster... What kind of a monster...

...has this vanity plate?


Do you think in Japan they say things like “this thing is basically a G35, dude”?

Extra Car Key

The person who sold me my Neon only had one key, and I’d like to get a second. Is the dealership the only place to get one?

Just something kind of cool: Just something kind of cool:

Stabilized 360 degree video from a roller coaster.

Rallycross Neon: part 8 Rallycross Neon: part 8

First rallycross done! The Neon survived, and I didn’t get last place. Both goals achieved. The event was held at Spirit Peaks raceway and organized by the NW Rally Association. They did a great job and everyone there was very welcoming. The drive from Kent, WA to Toutle, WA during rush hour with no A/C was…

Rallycross Neon: part 7 Rallycross Neon: part 7

Skid plate is installed! 8 days until the first event. I'm nervous, but incredibly excited. The car has survived multiple days of commuting into Seattle, so a little rallycross is going to be child's play.

Rallycross Neon: part 6 Rallycross Neon: part 6

Always use protection! Last weekend, I had intended to install a steel skid plate, but was thwarted by a shocking amount of laziness or not caring by the supplier.

Rallycross Neon: part 5 Rallycross Neon: part 5

17 years of hand-stuff stuck to the steering wheel and shift knob. Just sticky enough to gross me out, so I put on a steering wheel cover and changed out the shift knob and boot with some of ebay’s highest quality offerings:

Rallycross Neon: part 4 Rallycross Neon: part 4

Time to un-pimp my intake:

Now that Google knows I have a Neon Now that Google knows I have a Neon

I get recommended fantastic comedy such as this:

Critical update on the Neon Critical update on the Neon

It has a sticker:

Rallycross Neon: part 3 Rallycross Neon: part 3

It survived autocross! It also passed the Fun test with flying colors. Tons of lift-off oversteer, possibly even a little too much. Maybe I just need to learn to drive better, because I spun it once and almost spun it a second time, missing a gate.

Rallycross Neon: part 2 Rallycross Neon: part 2

One quick update before I bring the Neon to autocross today. The shifter felt very loose, so I ordered some bushings just to improve the feel. Good thing I did, because one of the bushings was so worn out that one of the shifter cables was just resting loosely on the transmission with only it’s own weight holding it…

This has to be my new favorite out of context quote:

Rallycross Neon: Part 1 Rallycross Neon: Part 1

Thankfully, the Neon I bought is in amazing condition. The only problem in the interior was that the rear-view mirror was in the center console, and not attached to the windshield. Excellent forward visibility, sure, but not ideal.

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