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Rapid Movie Review

Deadpool 2 was good. I liked it. I liked the first one, but thought this was just as good. The CGI is rough in some spots, especially the Colossus effects. But somehow Deadpool feels “B” movie enough that it did not matter. The action scenes were well done, the jokes were funny, and the new characters were all good.…

Projects never end. Projects never end.

I juat dropped off the Sunchaser to have the new 3 window rear top installed, and to have the seats re-padded.

It came today! It came today!

Toyotafest 2018 only a week away.

Subie Experts (CaptDale), lend me your ears Subie Experts (CaptDale), lend me your ears

This is going to be a bit weird.

I love that the prior owner still had these I love that the prior owner still had these

It is like time travel. Toyota had some killer translators.

Morning Hot Take.

I have not seen Infinity War, because I was supposed to go with the family when I had the heart attack. I caught up with two key movies I had missed, Dr. Strange and Black Panther.

More 4 Me More 4 Me

Since I survived a near-death experience, you should expect obsessive Sunchaser posting to continue. My apologies in advance.

Toyotafest Prep Continues Toyotafest Prep Continues

Paint touch ups and wiper arms are done. I got notice that the clear side marker lenses on the front are at the post office ready for pickup, so I am excited.

Farmers do it right Farmers do it right

They had the meeting at a ranch, and they served really nice tacos. Insurance companies would have served rubber chicken in a hotel conference room.

Stop tempting me Stop tempting me

I have to speak on immigration this evening to a group of dairy farmers in Tulare, about an hour drive from here. Responsible me has been planning on driving the Infiniti, in air conditioned luxury. BUT...

Good Morning, Puny Humans Good Morning, Puny Humans

Remember your place, biped.

You can't tell, but I can. You can't tell, but I can.

I forgot to take a before picture, but this is better. I think one more round of wet sanding and polishing will be even better. 37 year old tail lights lose their shine.

Little things. Little things.

I worked on the wiper arms, and got as far as a coat of primer before I paint tomorrow. Here they are after I stripped them.

Project Eyeliner Project Eyeliner

Today I will undertake a small project. Before I got it, the Sunchaser had undergone a low budget restoration, and fixing that stuff has been a lot of what has gone into it since I have had it. I can’t bitch too much though, as I finally found the last part lost by the guy who did the follow up restore for me.…

Celica Celica

At the end of every day, I drive through the city of Fresno and I cross the intersection that will take me home. I feel the words building inside me, I can’t stop them, or tell you why I say them, but as I reach the stoplight, these words come to me in a whisper. I say these words as a prayer, as regret, as praise, I…

Sunchaser drive Sunchaser drive

Went about 120 miles round trip to the foothills near Sequoia National Park.

It will be a nice day. It will be a nice day.

We are going to have perfect Sunchaser weather today.

Toby went to work today. Toby went to work today.

I am working short days, so he is joining me.

Happy me Happy me

Back to obsessively posting photos of my car!

This is nice This is nice

I had my most stressful morning back at work, but I got to drive my car.

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