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Shift boot! Shift boot!

Perfect replica of stock. Will let the glue cure tomorrow, and hopefully put everything back together tomorrow evening.

Well, shit, that's something. Well, shit, that's something.

Sunchaser console project has taken a turn, as you know these things are wont to do. Anymore, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything if the project doesn’t throw a few curveballs at me.

Has any one tried this?

I keep seeing ads on Facebook, and I wonder about the quality of this product. Svend?  Has there been a major improvement over traditional wax?

Hi, Florida Hi, Florida

I always thought this one was fun. Is Ft. Lauderdale still a thing?

Thank you Canada Thank you Canada

Norm MacDonald is a treasure, and the only person I can think of who has mastered Twitter.

Was going to hit the office today, but to hell with that noise Was going to hit the office today, but to hell with that noise

There are important arrivals to attend to.

I bought a thing I bought a thing

Haloween is coming.

A rant A rant

Buffer image.

Dinner date with Toby Dinner date with Toby

The family was otherwise ocuppied, so my pal and I went to check out open mike at Starving Artists Bistro, where they have a dog-friendly patio. We both had chicken, and the music was good. His was a plain grilled breast, and mine cilantro lime.

Friday left me fumblin with the blues Friday left me fumblin with the blues

A personal favorite. I am actually in a good mood, but Friday.

Tears for your Friday

This old, but for some reason it came to mind.

Share your thoughts, Oppo Share your thoughts, Oppo

Took the kids for ice cream last night, and this was there.

Oppositelock: Home of poor financial decisions

A client whose bill I had given up on came through, so there is some extra cash in the budget.

Pumpkin by the pool Pumpkin by the pool

I am cooling off after cardiac rehab. Pumpkin has recently decided that the back yard is hers. When we got her, we had old dogs that were in their teens, and one in particular did not allow any cats, including ours, in the backyard. He was fine with them in the house, but went nuts if he saw them out back. Thus,…

It is going to be a good day It is going to be a good day

We have an interesting case involving the silage harvesting industry. I am taking my lawyers out to see the process in action, which is essential for a technical issue involving application of the FLSA ag exemption.

Good Morning Good Morning

This face means, "I really need my breakfast, man."

Road Trips and Punk Rock

On October 5, Toby and I will be headed in the Sunchaser to San Diego for an industry conference that I sponsor. Dog friendly hotel.

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