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Good Morning Good Morning

Pumpkin is playful today on the roof of my carport.

Car related lawyer work today

I am speaking this afternoon for a group of auto repair shops. I have been doing some smaller chapter meetings around the state, but this is their big annual conference. I have yet to get much work from this effort, but we will see.

Happy Friday Happy Friday

Toby wants you to have a good day.

Pumpkin Says Goodnight, Oppo Pumpkin Says Goodnight, Oppo

Just remember not to disappoint her. She dislikes impromptu photos, yet knows she is beautiful. You will never understand her burden, Oppo. She is in foul spirits tonight, and not to be trifled with.

If I ever leave this world alive If I ever leave this world alive

Is it wrong to say that the Irish understand blues?

The law is stupid The law is stupid

So I went to federal court on the settlement with the suspicious signatures. As expected, the judge chewed my ass, brought up bad shit that has been said about me in the media, and was annoyed we were even there. She said even if the signatures were forged, the agreement was enforceable, so what do I care?

Anyone else seeing spam comments?

Ad for a finance company just showed up on my last post.

Good morning. Good morning.

Toby hung out with me at the office yesterday. I have a blanket from the dog who passed away from cancer at 15 years of age there. Especially when he was old, he liked to go to work with me. I am sure the smell is comforting, because that smell was everywhere around our house when Toby arrived.

Just in case you forgot Just in case you forgot

Bon Scott was the motherfucking king.

Morning Airport Rant Morning Airport Rant

I called a Lyft to take me to the San Diego airport for my flight home to Fresno. I was chatting with the driver and I mentioned I was flying home to Fresno. “Really?” he said, “I didn’t know Fresno had an airport.” Motherfucker.

Why San Diego? Why San Diego?

It just struck me. California has amazing cars, and LA is the car spotting mecca of the country. But San Diego, your cars are decidedly unremarkable. Why not more cool cars here?

Plane delayed; free legal advice will be given Plane delayed; free legal advice will be given

The plane is not here. Our 7 am departure is now estimated for 10:35. Let’s talk Japanese cars or legal advice or whatever. I am bored.

I fly to San Diego today; AMA I fly to San Diego today; AMA

 I am having breakfast in the Fresno airport because my plane has been delayed an hour. I don’t want to go, so I cheered myself up by paying $50 for a First Class upgrade for this ridiculously short flight. I am speaking to night to an auto repair shop association on labor issues. Then I fly back tomorrow morning. I…

We are in for a chill We are in for a chill

50 degrees right now, and I am driving with the top down. Low of 28 predicted for tonight. One county to the south, they are saying 24. The farmers at nervous, as this is late for a hard freeze. They should be ok, though, as long as it doesn’t stay cold too long.

Happy President's Day, Oppo Happy President's Day, Oppo

This seems necessary this year.

Hey Zoidberg, this is way better than a half-rotted Tercel

Didn’t you recently say that you needed an old car?

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