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Cross your fingers Cross your fingers

Remember that 850 Volvo wagon I posted earlier? The one that seemed incredibly cheap for everything that had been done to it? Well... I asked the guy if he’ll take a deposit to hold it for me until I have time to fly to Boise. I'm ready for Volvo life

I rented a 10x15 storage unit I rented a 10x15 storage unit

And I’m starting a woodshop out of it since I can’t afford a house with a garage around here. What tools should I get? I'll be learning the trade as I go

Well this is neat Well this is neat

Two gifs separated by two years. Quite a bit has changed, but the important things? They're still the same. This is probably the only surviving video of the Miata (mostly) stock 

Salem is amazing, drinking AMA Salem is amazing, drinking AMA

Or maybe my mind is just clouded by the lobster, shrimp, and fillet mignon hibachi that found it’s way to my plate. Also what is with Dutch Bros? They’re everywhere, and everyone works there. It’s like the Oregon equivalent of Microsoft and Starbucks combined. Are they anywhere besides Oregon..?

Werk stuff Werk stuff

The above image is how I organized one of four 10' x 20' storage units my company uses for Christmas lights. The below image is how my predecessor did it....

"I hated the car, until I decided to build it"  "I hated the car, until I decided to build it" 

And thus, an enthusiast was born. I’ve seen this rally Avalon around town for a few years, and finally met the owner! What an awesome build.

Oregon Oppos Oregon Oppos

End of the week I’ll be heading to Salem for a few days on a work trip. You know how this goes... Food, cool things in town, adventures spots.... Help me out! I’ve never been to Salem.

Someone buy this Someone buy this

$1200 is a steal. Located in Boise, Idaho but it was a Washington state car previously so rust should be non-existant. The seats... The wheels... The fogs.... What a cool build.

Let's talk brakes Let's talk brakes

I opened my hood today to see my brake level well below the *low* level. Yikes. 

What's the oldest thing in your home?  What's the oldest thing in your home? 

This could be interesting. And no, you can’t put yourself down.

I'm always thinking about what used car I'll buy next I'm always thinking about what used car I'll buy next

As I know most of you do as well. HOWEVER. there is one new car, and only one new car, that I would purchase. I’m not quite at a point where it makes sense (as much sense as buying new ever does) but... I’m getting closer.

I did a thing  I did a thing 

This thing increased HP by 50%, greatly reduced noise, and was a lot easier to install then I thought it would be.

Oppo Review - Jabra wireless earbuds  Oppo Review - Jabra wireless earbuds 

We’re basically living in a sci-fi world from 20 years ago.

Okay Summer Okay Summer

You’ve had your fun. Now scoot on over and let Fall and Winter into the picture. 

Paging cleaning experts  Paging cleaning experts 

Svend, gettingoldercarguy, etc. After a lot of work I picked up a government contract for cleaning some F-650's and dump trucks. If it goes well... My team will get multiple other fleet contracts worth quite a bit. Let me pick your brains

Top >>> dropped Top >>> dropped

Convertible life is good. 

Bought a truck Bought a truck

Sat in a super snake, test drove a GT350r. Twas a good day.

Why is it Why is it

That I love buying/selling cars on Craigslist, and test driving random vehicles, but I’d rather jump into a molten lake then spend another minute looking for a new work truck at dealerships..? Maybe it’s just the pickup market that I hate? Ugh. I called in Jalopnik to help. 

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