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Any tips on salary negotiations?  Any tips on salary negotiations? 

The company owner is going to make me an offer this week, which is something I’ve never dealt with, having gone straight from minumum wage jobs in high school to starting a few small businesses. Work kitty for your time

Dat ass Dat ass

After seeing it on the road all over the state for 2+ years... I finally caught my Miata crush. What are the chances? Took lots of pictures because, I mean. look at it! *swoon*

Have you heard of our lord and savior?  Have you heard of our lord and savior? 

Mazda Miata? Also thank you Google for reminding me of what I was doing exactly one year ago today - getting questioned by about twenty police officers after parking on the walkway directly in front of the State Capitol Building.

Work DOTS  Work DOTS 

I want it. Such a fantastic sedan profile

Two more weeks Two more weeks

Of busting my ass trying to show that I’ll work every bit as hard as the crew and then some. Trying to make the managerial transition seamless so the guys aren’t bitter about “that new guy” who just showed up and took an “easy” desk job. Chick-fil-A for everyone because I’ll play dirty for some goodwill.

Hello Hello

Moss removal job, “by hand with wire brushes” was requested. 18,000 Sq ft apartment building. Steep roof with a four story drop on one side, ten foot sheer drop on the other. 8 inch metal walkway all the way around. No way to tie off. Would you do it?

Tape Tape

Any preferences? There are a bajillion different brands, and numerous subtypes within each brand. I just want a good duct dape, masking tape, and electrical tape.

Who's wrenching? Roll call Who's wrenching? Roll call

Put in a very large front sway bar, along with aluminum support blocks to make sure the sway bar mounts aren’t torn right off. Couple hour job, but I’m unsure as to how I want to adjust my endlinks... I’ll deal with that later. For now I’m just happy that everything is installed and there are no terrible noises or…

Starting my 23rd year right Starting my 23rd year right

Some birthday wrenching in the sun. Post highly modified cars!

Hangover level -  Hangover level - 

Sippin Gatorade from a straw while laying down in the tub, hot water raining down, Alina Barez streaming from the Bluetooth speaker. Lights off, pitch black. Dying. In other news, I did a thing! Check out my latest Miatafication.

Miata is on jacks today Miata is on jacks today

With about 30 bolts soaking in penetrating oil. Today I’m commuting in the Vette. Later I’ll install new shift kit, front/rear sway bars, endlinks and hopefully eek out another couple millimeters of ride height in the front so I can stop tearing up my fender with the winter tires. Tis a good friday

Dots  Dots 

MRTuesday. Me gusta

Lazy Sunday  Lazy Sunday 

Do you like science? Are you fond of fuzzy animals? Here you go. Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy. Brought to you by a hangover-induced YouTube browsing session!

Goodbye, my loves Goodbye, my loves

Blue Ap1 S2000 seats are sold. But I made a tidy profit and they went to a good home.

I SHOULD be doing car work I SHOULD be doing car work

But hunger trumps all. I give the pretzel burger a 4.5/5. Cheddar and mozzarella... Hngggg

Wireless charging  Wireless charging 

Now available for the passenger too! Such a crucial roadtrip modification. Bonus points because the passenger side phone mount makes for some pretty great in-car footage. iOttie seriously makes some fantastic mounts.

Jdm levels > 9000 Jdm levels > 9000

Seat came in from Japan. All accompanying documents are entirely in Japanese.


Do these things ever come up for sale at auctions?

Let's talk food Let's talk food

What does your area specialize in? What’s cheap? What’s expensive? What can you not find anywhere, done halfway decently?

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