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Seen on the Street Seen on the Street

It’s dated. It’s an anachronism. It’s excessive. It’s age-defining but it sure isn’t age-defying. I don’t care. I just love it. I followed this guy on Friday for 15 minutes, going out of my way deliberately, just to listen to it.

I Had No Idea... I Had No Idea...

Ok. This is astounding. You’ll be floored.

Seen at the Curb Seen at the Curb

We don’t get a lot of interesting cars here in our small city. There’s lots of oil money (that originally said “our money” and that sounded really conceited) here so we see Mercs, Jags, Porsches, the odd Ferrari and Lambo... But nothing really interesting.

Riding the Bus

If you were a kid in Canada, you rode the bus. You rode the bus for hockey. You rode the bus for band. You rode the bus for theatre. You rode the bus for soccer, rubgy, track, debate, field trips... You just, ride the bus.

Went to the auction this weekend. Bought nothing. Saw some really cool cars.

So my 15-year-old kid is watching this 1978 FJ40 on ebay right now. Aside from the fact that he should be paying attention to his Grade 10 math class, I’m having a hard time telling him to stop and leave it alone.

Tiny Paper, Rotary Engine Tiny Paper, Rotary Engine

Watch it until the end.

So I Dared to Criticise Clarkson

And wow did some people freak the fuck out.

I Used U-Connect

And you know what? It was pretty great.

Thank You Oppo!

Hi everybody,

Leave. Other. People's. Shit. Alone!!!

I am... aggravated? Angry? Annoyed? Pick a word and I’m sure it will fit. I’m also heartbroken for my son.

Milestones - well, kilometre stones... because Canada Milestones - well, kilometre stones... because Canada

Actually this isn’t even about the metric system, properly placing the letter U in a word, using an S instead of a wrongly placed Z, or even pronouncing the Z properly - we pronounce it as “blort”.

It's not easy being green... or is it? It's not easy being green... or is it?

Two cars. Both a highly visible shade of green. Both in town here, both witnessed within a day or so of each other, within 2 km of each other.

That's Not Right That's Not Right

My son was having some blood drawn at the hospital lab yesterday. Next door to the lab is the Central Alberta Cancer Centre. We saw this outside the lab window and had to snap the picture. Note to the driver of the red truck: Perhaps be a little more sensitive when you're taking your mom to the cancer centre...


This is the interior of my current DD. It's a 2008 MDX.

Of Snakes and Toasters

With the announcement of the new GT350 I went and made the comment that the original 1965 GT350 (especially the R model) was bar-none, my favourite car of all time.

Price of Gas Near You

Ahh, the weekend. Good weather, cold beer, barbecues, and the price of gas shooting up to $1.27.9/litre overnight here in Alberta. In US $ that works out to (given today's exchange rate) $5.26 US/USgal.

Holy Crap. That's Some Amazing Control Holy Crap. That's Some Amazing Control

Street typography from Tom Williams on Vimeo.

I Didn't Know This Existed I Didn't Know This Existed

I've been going to car shows, reading car magazines, following automotive news, and generally have been up on cars since I was a kid. My brother and I have Road and Track stacked in our parent's basement like most people have National Geographic. A few weeks ago Jalopnik we were asked "What car didn't you know…

Wing Windows Wing Windows

Hiya Opponauts.

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