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Someone is having a very bad day... Someone is having a very bad day...

New i8 was T-boned (I think) Didn’t see the accident, but the aftermath is sad :(

Brand new battery dead? Brand new battery dead?

My dad put a brand new battery in his 2003 BMW 540i about a week ago. We left for a trip, came back, and now the battery is totally dead. What could this be? If the battery wasn’t new, I could see that being an issue but we literally put it in a week ago. Any ideas about why this could be? I don’t think he left any…

Manual E39 540i wagon!

This looks like an incredibly solid build. I’d honestly rather have this than an E39 M5!

T-shirt contest entry

I posted this originally a few days ago at like midnight, so I’m not surprised that nobody saw it. Anyway, if you like it, go ahead and give it a star!

My T-shirt contest entry My T-shirt contest entry

Tavarish’d! If you like it, please recommend it here:

I'm sure someone will find this interesting I'm sure someone will find this interesting

It’s a complete list and explanation of every dashboard warning light. Enjoy!

Urgent help required

I need to know where I can get a water pump for the Buick ASAP. Like, I need a water pump in-hand by Thursday. I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to get it here overnight, but I can't find a place that'll sell a water pump for such a unique (read: old) car. Any specialty car-parts places I should look at? Also, if…

Monterey Car Week: I sneak into an auction edition Monterey Car Week: I sneak into an auction edition

Today was the first day I spent in Carmel for the 2015 Monterey Car week. This afternoon, I drove down, saw the RM auction (more on that later,) and met fellow Opponaut StuttgartObsessed!

Looking for jobs sucks.  Looking for jobs sucks. 

I’m 16, so nobody wants to hire me. I’m sure I could get a job at safeway or CVS or something, but I want to work with cars. I asked at a Rolls-Royce restoration shop, but their insurance won’t cover anyone less than 18. Otherwise they’d hire me, they said. Dealerships won’t reply to me because I’m 16. Does anybody…


Some of you may remember a few months ago, I posted about how I thought I saw 2 Audi A6 wagons driving down the freeway. Most of you said it was probably an Allroad Quattro that I misidentified. Well, today I saw one followed by a newly redesigned Q7, so I made a U-turn and attempted to find them. I found both, and…

*cries softly in corner* *cries softly in corner*

What have they done...

ItsHappening.jpg ItsHappening.jpg

Only about two years late...

Can somebody tell me... Can somebody tell me...

Why the Z3M coupe doesn’t have a Hoffmeister Kink in the window? I thought it was supposed to signify rear wheel drive on a BMW.

Oppo PSA Oppo PSA

If you plan on going to the Pebble Beach Concours in August, get a place to stay now. There are virtually no places to stay within a reasonable distance at a reasonable rate. If you want to stay within 10 miles, figure about $600-800. It’ll only get more scarce and expensive, so get on it!

I saw 2 Audi A6 wagons today I saw 2 Audi A6 wagons today

IN AMERICA. They were driving together on Highway 85 in California, one white and one black. I am absolutely certain that’s what I saw, but they don’t sell those here. Is it possible they’re going to start selling them in America? Am I reading too far into this?

Nice 6 cylinder rotary you got there Nice 6 cylinder rotary you got there

Silly eBay. This ad is for a 30,000 mile FD Rx-7 with no mods that I really want. Its selling for nearly $40k though, so it's a bit much at the moment...

More of the McLaren Sports Series More of the McLaren Sports Series

This is the most I've seen of it. Looks like they're going for the 'speedy kiwi' look on the side.... Thoughts?

Can someone help me out? Can someone help me out?

Would one of you approved FP commenters ask David Hobbs about the F1 race in Germany this summer? I really want to know but with my greyed out status he'd never see it.

Holy shit Holy shit

I was out in the garage cleaning the bumper of the buick just now. I decided to go inside to get an old toothbrush, when I look down and there's a MASSIVE FUCKING LIZARD (9-12 inches) about 2 inches from my knee. I got up (this time to get a long stick to push him out of the garage with) and took a picture when all…

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