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Amped up but no autocross [Update] Amped up but no autocross [Update]

Today is the final autocross of the season. [Update: I won my class for the season even though I didn’t show up today, even though I’m not the fastest, and even though I missed a couple of other events!]

The Office

If you were wondering where I hang out. Here you go. 

The Survey The Survey

Today I spent the entire day in meetings. A bit after lunch, a two question survey showed up with some job satisfaction questions. I was half listening to the meeting and half answering the questions. There was a comments section.  I think I may have been a little too honest in my responses. I will be interested to…

Remembering Alderaan Remembering Alderaan

We completed a extensive remodel of our office spaces at work a few months ago. It is very nice. They added a bunch of conference rooms. One of my friends taped a sign on one during construction calling it the Alderaan Memorial room. When the real sign guys came through they made it permanent. It makes me happy. I’m…

Night oppo Night oppo

MG6 spotted at work 

Houses for sale: jobsite edition  Houses for sale: jobsite edition 

I got a call yesterday that I was needed to get into the crawl space and remove the insulation that the other guys couldn’t get in. House is for sale ($199,000) but no one would buy it with the friable ACM in the basement. The house is in Hannibal, MO home of Mark Twain author of Huckleberry Finn and other stories.

Shanghai Part 2 Shanghai Part 2

A few months ago I posted about a position in Shanghai with my company that I was making a run at. Well, it evaporated. It would have been a promotion. It has come back, but moved down a notch to my pay grade. I’m going to give it a shot. It’s a bit of a bummer that the immidate step up is gone, but I’m still game to…

A Change Of Pace A Change Of Pace

Well, used to hauling Amazon and other basic stuff. Last night I hauled this:

More Work Stuff More Work Stuff

Some of the last I’m sure. I’m glad.

The 2019 Honda Insights have arrived at work. AMA

I work for a Honda dealer and we basically got our first shipment of Insights. I’ve sat in all 3 trims and drove an EX model for about 10 minutes. If I wasn’t so adamant about getting a stick shift, I would’ve either waited for this or got the Clarity (I like the way it looks *dons flame suit*). What would you like to…

Mechanical Difficulties Mechanical Difficulties

I just got back from an adrenaline filled experience. I found out 45 minutes before a deadline that FedEx had failed to deliver a very important submittal due to “mechanical difficulties.” So me and my colleagues had to go into emergency mode to re-create the submittal in-house. Did I make it?

An Oppertunity for an Oppertunity An Oppertunity for an Oppertunity

I posted the other day that I’m thinking about doing something else within my company. A position was just posted for a two year gig in Shanghai. It would be a huge change from what I’m doing now, but I think I’m going to put in for it. The wife isn’t against the idea and it would be an interesting experience for…

Contemplations Of The Career Variety Contemplations Of The Career Variety

I have worked in the engineering and maintenance world of our small Atlanta based people moving enterprise for what qualifies as “a long time”. I am starting to contemplate making a change.

Today’s not gone well 

Woke up at 4.30 am

Back at this place again.  Back at this place again. 

Que the rage inducing anti-aesthetics. I do feel bad for this construction company though. They didn’t design it and have had problems the whole project, like building on a hill and after a hard rain a section of the building went down the hill and got scapped off the plans. All this new stuff and it’s all built from…

When your tags are expired but you want to ride to work When your tags are expired but you want to ride to work

I have a lot to to today after work. Going to check out a set of tires for equinox, 18’s

desperate times call for desperate measures desperate times call for desperate measures

saw this woman standing outside my work this morning

Today in Dano drives. Nissan 60 fork lift, with rotating forks.  Today in Dano drives. Nissan 60 fork lift, with rotating forks. 

Dumping bins into metal & trash. The lull is for lifting out of lower area. It’s also drizzling, yay

Spotted at work  Spotted at work 

Skoda Superb wagon in a yellowish green colour

Pack ‘em In... Pack ‘em In...

27 cars for the next 3 days means chase cars must be packed in tight.

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