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2018 Portland Roadster Show 2018 Portland Roadster Show

Once again the Portland Roadster Show has come and gone and it was an odd one for myself. For this first time in 6 years neither any family or myself had a car in the show, so this year was just a lot of volunteer work and checking out the cool cars at the show. The Portland Roadster Show had its 62nd anniversary this…

I'm afraid that Ford's going to do something stupid with the F-150 name I'm afraid that Ford's going to do something stupid with the F-150 name

Not saying that they will. But I wouldn’t put it past them...

Things of which there were two Things of which there were two

You don’t often come across V4s in cars. There was the Ford one used in the Saab 96 and....the other Ford one. Yes, they did two at the same time. The Cologne, from, er...Cologne and the Essex, from....Essex. By coincidence, kind of, as Ford UK called many of their engines after English counties.

Ford to race in Formula E (maybe)

hour rule hour rule

Ford Mustang GT350 Roush

1992 Ford Tempo:  The Oppositelock Review 1992 Ford Tempo:  The Oppositelock Review

Hello Oppos, it’s me the BAAAWWWSSSS.

Ford GT40 MkIV

2018 Providence Auto Show - Part I 2018 Providence Auto Show - Part I

Greetings again, Oppo! About two weeks ago, my local auto show: The Northeast International (Providence) Auto Show, was in town at The Rhode Island Convention Center. This year I had time to take and upload pictures, so I thought I’d share. I’ll go in order of first brands I visited to the last brands.


decent crash caught on dash cam

Craigslist Find: Neat Craigslist Find: Neat

A regular cab dually with short wheelbase. Fix up the 6 liter Powerstroke and that’d be a damn fun truck. Only 143k miles too. Seller wants $13.5

hour rule hour rule

XY Ford Falcon

Mulling Over NAIAS 2018 Mulling Over NAIAS 2018

I remember getting into the Hummer H2, as a kid at the Chicago Auto Show. I remember how unbelievably huge it felt. I remember climbing into the frankly enormous backseat, feeling like I was back at recess on the jungle gym. I remember walking around with my dad, joined off-and-on throughout the years by my uncle.

DOTS Seattle DOTS Seattle

Here are some things I saw driving around Seattle in the last week or two.

Salem Roadster Show Coverage  Salem Roadster Show Coverage 

This weekend my 68 Camaro was invited to show in the invite only Salem Roadster Show held in the State Fairground in Salem, Oregon. The promoters spend the year looking for top notch show cars all around the northwest and surrounding areas. This years show was again full of all types of cars from hot rods to muscle…

Ecoline Cabover Ecoline Cabover

My friend picked up this cool ‘62 Econoline with custom side storage. The storage boxes are well done. It’s running a 200 cu-in straight six. My junior minion is riding shotgun.


Oppo in Oppo

hour rule hour rule

XC Ford Falcon Cobra

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