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Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day!

Hope everybody is enjoying celebrating freedom! Whether it’s simply enjoying a nice cup of reasonably taxed tea, or blowing shit up, or BBQing, or doing something to get yourself one step closer to making the American Dream your American Reality.

Fireworks!  Fireworks! 

I hope everyone survived the 4th with all limbs intact and avoided DUIs by not driving drunk (as opposed to driving with a hand over one eye).

Fireworks mode. Fireworks mode.

She is not a fan.

America!  America! America! America!

'Merican cans, Jack.

Educate Yourselves on fireworks... (Not car related) Educate Yourselves on fireworks... (Not car related)

Because everything is more awesome once you know the science behind it. Also, British accents make everything sound more sciency.