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Trans Am Moving Plans, Day 2 Trans Am Moving Plans, Day 2

Had an hour to kill between picking up daughters from dance, so I got some work done.

Trans Am Moving Plans Trans Am Moving Plans

Every day, I will attach a part or in another way prepare the Trans Am(ess) to be towed to the new house at the end of April. I will literally #WRENCHEVERYDAY

notbad.jpg notbad.jpg

Finally caught all 3 together with some daylight.

Help me spend my "hard-earned" money, Oppo Help me spend my "hard-earned" money, Oppo

I’m looking for Christmas presents for my brother. What I’d really like to get him are a couple of t-shirts. One with an NB Miata and the other with a 3rd-gen Trans-Am. I’m having trouble finding anything that I’m willing give as a gift, but I figured y’all might have better sources for such apparel than I’ve been…

This Firebird Doesn’t Skip Leg Day This Firebird Doesn’t Skip Leg Day

Seen while grabbing some lunch after AutoX.

Porsche Club AutoX Was Fun Porsche Club AutoX Was Fun

and the TA held its own against the Caymans and Boxsters.

Drove 1.5hrs To A Swap Meet Drove 1.5hrs To A Swap Meet

Drove another 1.5 hours to get the part I went to swap meet for.

Craigslist Shopping Craigslist Shopping

Tonight I was looking for firebirds. i have an affinity for them and would love a good condition 4th gen LS1 Formula. Red or blue. With t tops and a 6 speed. Anyway I found some things. First, this could be an un-crashed version of my first car except it doesn’t have the Rallye II wheels. And of course it’s priced…

Hour Rule: Fire Chicken Hour Rule: Fire Chicken

Here are some Firebird chase scenes. Watch them or lose your Oppo Card

"Fish Day" Parade & Car Show  "Fish Day" Parade & Car Show 

On the lake in Port Washington WI they have Fish Day as an excuse to eat lots of fish and get lots of drunk.... but they also have a parade and a car show and stuff.

G'night Oppo!  G'night Oppo! 

I saw this 1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula this morning at a little dealership in my town. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It was winking at me. Odometer read 23k of what I’m assuming is all original miles. Beautiful red fabric interior. 5.0 efi motor (of which I think only makes 150 horsepower?). I’d drive the shit out of…

Mom's Jalop Car Mom's Jalop Car

My mom got out of college in 1992 and asa reward to herself bought a brand new 1993 Firebird in the green you see above with a tan interior. Needless to say it was one of her favorite cars (she thought the buttons on the steering wheel were pretty futuristic for the era). She sold it shortly after I was born in 1994…

Numbers Or Nah? Numbers Or Nah?

Finally got around to making a clock out of an old Pontiac hubcap like the ones that were originally on my aunt’s 1977 Firebird Esprit that I bought when I was 16, but never had the hubcaps on it. They were stored in the rafters of my grandparent’s garage and probably got thrown out before I knew to care. I saw them…

ZOMG! F-body Fansplosion! ZOMG! F-body Fansplosion!

I just got a phone call at the shop from Ed Hamburger of SLP/SVE. It’s regarding a Camaro his client is sending here for leather interior. I did all I could to not fanboy the hell out. I did, however, tell him that I had been a fan of his work since I drove a friend’s 93 Firehawk in 1999.

Having a Crisis Having a Crisis

*sort of car related rant after safety image

But shit, it was 99 cents. But shit, it was 99 cents.

If I find Homer’s car from The Simpsons (not THE Homer, but his ragged pink sedan) I swear I’m done buying Hot Wheels... for a while.

WANT BADLY updated WANT BADLY updated

I will trade sugar if I have to, I want this that badly! 100% NP

Why? Why?

Why is it so hard to find these types of cars?

I Saw A Firechicken I Saw A Firechicken

Anyone know what year it is?

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