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Which truck is best truck? Which truck is best truck?

Sisu is best truck because SUOMI.

Happy birthday Finland! Happy birthday Finland!

One hundred years as an independent country today.

What in the world...??? What in the world...???

Jeep XJ shorty. Found for sale in Finland. Yours for only 750€.

How Finland was the first country outside the USSR to fly the MiG-21 How Finland was the first country outside the USSR to fly the MiG-21

Finland was the first export country to fly the MiG-21, and they got them even before the Warsaw Pact countries. The story behind it is quite interesting and understandably involves international politics.

To Quote the Finnish Air Force: 👀

Follow the link for some excellent photography of aircraft that are just checking on Russian-speaking minorities why are you so worried?

Last mile in Finland Last mile in Finland

Finland is a place known for vodka, people with lots of umlauts and double letters who know what they’re doing, more vodka, forests, a deeply alien language and more forests.

BTS: My shoot for Lexus Finland BTS: My shoot for Lexus Finland

I recently shot a series of pictures for Lexus Finland as part of their #LexusYoungCreatives campaign. I though you might enjoy reading about the process and taking a look into some of the unedited pictures.

Rally Flashback: Finland 2004 Rally Flashback: Finland 2004

Welcome to Rally Flashback, where we look at a previous version of an upcoming event of the World Rally Championship. Late July means it is time to go the land with a lot of lakes (but not as many as Norway), and even more jumps and rally drivers!

Nailed it! Nailed it!

Saw this on my girlfriends

Finland independence day Finland independence day

Toroioion (above)

Sisu Sunday Sisu Sunday

Here’s a photo from Turku harbor taken in 1957. A couple of Sisu trucks are ready to head towards Helsinki so that their cargo can participate in Eläintarhan ajot. The cargo? Just three Ferrari 750 Monzas and a 500 TR.

My Summer Car My Summer Car

I don’t know why everyone is going crazy about GTA V on PC when this game is in the works:

My "new" car arrived home My "new" car arrived home

Today I went to fetch my latest acquisition. I promised to post something about it as soon as it arrives. So here it goes.

WRC Finland: Two VW drivers go head to head before last day WRC Finland: Two VW drivers go head to head before last day

Finland is to WRC what Indianapolis is for Indycar: the absolute highlight of the annual season, paired with a huge spectacle and enthusiastic fans along the track. This year was no exception, so here's a quick summary ahead of the very last stages that will take place tomorrow.

Rally Finland: The Carnage Gallery Rally Finland: The Carnage Gallery

And of course, Kubica.

Super Finnish Quattro time! Super Finnish Quattro time!

Do you want a mental build? Well let the Scandinavians take care of that for you.

Inspired by the Jalopnik article on a Finnish racing name generator, I went and got mine. Whenever I get in my car, I will be known as

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