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“Buy Here, Pay Elsewhere” Car Lots Come Under Fire by Consumer Watchdog Groups

Just as “Buy Here, Pay Here” (BHPH) dealerships seemed to reached the peak of their battles with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and various states’ Attorneys General, a new threat has emerged: The “Buy Here, Pay Elsewhere” (BHPE) car lot.

‘Deep Subprime’ Auto Loans Are Surging

Highlight here is that it has been surging since 2010.

Buying? Leasing? Ownership costs? Buying? Leasing? Ownership costs?

Full confession: I like spreadsheets. As in, I really love spreadsheets. Math can be hit or miss, but when I can create a formula that does the work for me every time, the three of us get along like PB&J.

Top 5 Car Finance Mistakes Top 5 Car Finance Mistakes

Thought this might be helpful for some of y’all as car finance now accounts for nearly 80% of car sales!

Ask Oppo: How does your car impact your finances? Ask Oppo: How does your car impact your finances?

Personal Questions incoming! In the hunt for a new car, I’m struggling to contextualize how sound of a financial decision my purchase would be, in comparative terms. Plus, I think that responses to these questions from this community would be kind of interesting anyways. So, here are my questions:

Oppo, I need a credit card. Oppo, I need a credit card.

I’ve never had a one before but I need to get one so I can start building credit history. I don’t care about rewards or airline miles or anything like that, I’m just looking for something with low interest and flexible payment schedules. Does anyone have some recommendations for a good “beginner’s” card?

Oppo, teach me Oppo, teach me

In preparation for the 944 purchase, I've been learning more about loans, but there are still things I don't understand, so I'm asking for some help.

Something interesting Something interesting

Here are the lease residual values on all 2012 Mercedes-Benz Models in Canada. Interesting to note that the 2012 SLS coupe with less than 20,000 km is only worth $91,000 when the MSRP is over $220,000

Avoid Dealer Advertising and Delivery Fees to Save Big Buying a Car Avoid Dealer Advertising and Delivery Fees to Save Big Buying a Car

You already know that dealers will try to hit you with thousands of dollars in fees when you negotiate the price of a new car. What you may not know is that some fees are completely optional, and can be removed if you push back. the "Dealer Prep," "Advertising," and "Delivery" fees, to name a few, are all prime…