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night oppo night oppo

all the power!!!!!!!!!!

A trio of rarities A trio of rarities

I used to own a Mk3 Escort but the others have escaped me.

Borsuq is asleep, I must take up the FIAT 126p flag! Borsuq is asleep, I must take up the FIAT 126p flag! here is a history of the 126p’s design changes (...that I may or may not have posted here before, but can’t remember) in the form of pixel art! :D

12/6! 12/6!

Anything for today? I’m sure there must be something very small and usually Polish....

Damn! Somebody buy these for me and give me the teal one!

Found these for sale on Kijiji in Alberta...other side of the country from me, but very surprised to see them as they are FAR from a common ‘classic’ here in Canada! This guy has TWO! I contacted him for fun and he isn’t really open to selling them one at a time right now, which is a’s more of a ‘feeler’…

I expect you all... I expect you all... want to go out and buy 126s along with me now. You’re welcome. :P

Hour Rule! Hour Rule!

This FIAT 126 has some rather weird ‘layered’ aftermarket foglights....I’ve never see a light with more than one beam that had the beams’ casing portions in the SAME HOUSING set at two different ‘layers’ before!

Random FIAT 126p Fact #4352 Random FIAT 126p Fact #4352

Fun fact! The FIAT 126p has vents in the doors for extra ventilation! :)

I'm sorry Oppo... I'm sorry Oppo...

...I have been told by Borsuq that I have been neglecting my FIAT 126-spamming duties. Alas, I apologize and officially rectify the error of my ways here:

Oppo, I just had a "Wait a minute...what?" moment... Oppo, I just had a "Wait a minute...what?" moment...

So, last evening and this evening I’ve been spending my free time watching this two-part series on how to reassemble a classic FIAT 500/FIAT 126 engine (yes, I am obsessed enough that I’m watching 2 hours of video on reassembling the engine for a car I don’t even have yet :P):

Your morning dose of useless FIAT 126 info! Your morning dose of useless FIAT 126 info!

That means unnecessary FIAT 126 tidbits of information! :D This is the toolkit that came with every FIAT 126:

Clever, simple engineering! Clever, simple engineering!

Did you know the FIAT 126 can have its entire engine hood removed by undoing one latch and one bolt? That’s it!

Hour Rule! Hour Rule!

Spring is finally properly here in Nova Scotia! Can’t wait until I can finally get one of these little guys to hoon around! :D

I forget if I've linked this before...

...but if I haven’t and you want a legitimately good read to kill some time, head on over to Drivetribe and enjoy! Another story to prove even the most tiny, basic, crappy cars can have a huge heart!

Not-Quite-An-Hour-But-I-Have-To-Start-Working-Now Rule Not-Quite-An-Hour-But-I-Have-To-Start-Working-Now Rule

Did you know the FIAT 126 had two differently-shaped taillight designs (several different designs, but two different shapes) in the course of it’s production run? :O

Several Hour Rule Several Hour Rule

Oldies but goodies! Renault 4 commercial van and FIAT 126! Hope somebody restores them - they both don’t look too far gone! Plus, the Renault has a sidepipe! :D

Several Hour Rule Several Hour Rule

Mid-morning Maluch waits masterlessly for mobile city madness! :D

Toot toot, here comes the FIATrain! :P

This is brilliant.....also probably illegal, but hey, if it’s on an abandoned stretch of line, it’s not that unsafe! :)

Hour Rule! Hour Rule!

Morning Oppo....hope you all have a beautiful Saturday!

Hour Rule - Martini! Hour Rule - Martini!

Martini-striped FIAT 126 on a beautiful Autumn evening for your time! :)

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