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concept car concept car

Lancia Stratos

something different something different

Tatra 903 concept

Coala Coala

c1987 from Brazil

hour rule hour rule

1995 Ford Shostar concept

Matra Matra

1989 Matra M25

night oppo night oppo

2005 Sbarro Ferrari Tornado concept

Can we all just take a minute  Can we all just take a minute 

To appreciate how nice these wheels look, especially compared to the usual bro-trucky, star-centered, atrocities that are found on 95% of trucks today? Also, black trim is 10,000,000x better than chrome. I give this concept vehicle an 8/10.

night oppo night oppo

2004 Shelby Cobra concept - up for auction 3 November

night oppo night oppo

1987 Subaru F-624 Estremo concept.

Toyota FTX concept, c2004

Morning Oppo Morning Oppo

Mercedes Benz FCC Concept

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the.... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the....

1996 Giannini FIAT Bravo Windsurf Concept! It had a drag coefficient of 0.24 (the result of a lot of wind tunnel testing), the rear wing was adjustable for downforce, and it supposedly had a top speed of over 250kph with the Bravo’s stock 2.0L engine as the body was so light and aerodynamic. I think I like it.

Here is all the Jeeps. Here is all the Jeeps.

Fanboy intensifies

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