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I had no idea this thing existed until today I had no idea this thing existed until today

So even after reading the article I don’t understand why this needs to exist (Apart from $$$$!) when the Q7 is still here. At least it looks better than the Bucktooth X7, I guess.

RS5 configurator is here!

Unfortunately, I can’t find the option to convert it into an RS4 Avant.

Today I test drove some cars...

meh meh

rebodied Audi R8

2018 Providence Auto Show - Part I 2018 Providence Auto Show - Part I

Greetings again, Oppo! About two weeks ago, my local auto show: The Northeast International (Providence) Auto Show, was in town at The Rhode Island Convention Center. This year I had time to take and upload pictures, so I thought I’d share. I’ll go in order of first brands I visited to the last brands.

Mulling Over NAIAS 2018 Mulling Over NAIAS 2018

I remember getting into the Hummer H2, as a kid at the Chicago Auto Show. I remember how unbelievably huge it felt. I remember climbing into the frankly enormous backseat, feeling like I was back at recess on the jungle gym. I remember walking around with my dad, joined off-and-on throughout the years by my uncle.

Der RS4 family shirt Der RS4 family shirt

Its been a year since I last begged for sales and today is a good day as any, so....

Temporarily dead: Porsche diesel Temporarily dead: Porsche diesel

Per Autocar, looks like all Porsche diesel production (in the form of the Macan and Panamera) has been ended as of yesterday, although the next Cayenne is still planned to get a diesel option.

2018 Audi SQ5 Quattro Reviewed 2018 Audi SQ5 Quattro Reviewed

Is it really good or just really expensive? Ryan drives the second-generation SQ5.

night oppo night oppo

plus an Audi S4

Automotive Reminder Automotive Reminder

If you’re wondering why no one has been talking about the US launch of the Audi RS3 fear not! The 2017 model year only lasted a few months and was extremely limited. Thankfully, it appears the 2018 cars have started delivery and we should be seeing and hearing that sweet I5 going into 2018.

Audi S3: The Long Term Review Audi S3: The Long Term Review

As I have chronicled on my very first post here on Oppo, I replaced my BMW E90 with an Audi S3 with the help of one Tom McParland. Since adopting it in September 2017, my little German rocket has travelled a little more than 5000 miles, from the twisty B-roads of south Georgia and Alabama to the daily traffic grind on…

drunk driving story drunk driving story

Some photos from Quattrofest Some photos from Quattrofest

As I have done in the past four years, I spent the first weekend of November out at Portland International Raceway shooting for Audi Club Northwest’s Quattrofest event. While it was wasn’t quite a rainy as the last few years, it was a little bit nippier in the morning.


This old Audi was nasty 🤢

Germans gotta German. Germans gotta German.

So, Audi’s apparently continuing research into their Rube Goldbergian e-diesel experiments, which attempt to make synthetic renewable diesel fuel.

Audi A8L Extended Audi A8L Extended

I wonder if they will release an S8 version?

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