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The Manual, Turbo (Diesel), AWD, Mazda 6 Already Exists The Manual, Turbo (Diesel), AWD, Mazda 6 Already Exists

In case my post is overlooked in the recent Mazda 6 article, I figure I come here to inform as well. Also, the Mazda 3 is offered in AWD as well.

Got The E90 Parts Got The E90 Parts

Mostly cosmetic, but most importantly a rework to the OEM exhaust. I am seriously falling in love with this car, even though I know it’s going to be swapped by an N55 powered car the moment I can. Either way, enjoy.

Mazdas Mazdas

Got the 3 running again. Cleaned the MAF sensor and throttle body, then gave it a jump because it at for too long. The rev hang is awful right now, but I’m hoping that’ll straighten itself out shortly and the CEL won’t come back.

Better Than Any NSX Better Than Any NSX

Not sure if any of you know my obsession with the Corvette Racing race cars, BUT I AM OBSESSED!! I desperately want a C6.R. Which in 2007 Pratt & Miller sole the #3 which finished second in its class at Le Mans. Only $650,000 at the time. Ok lets see what in the piggy bank...

This coulda been my car This coulda been my car

It’s still for sale. 2006 Subaru Legacy. 75,000 miles. $8,800

This is my new car  This is my new car 

The last time I talked to Oppo I asked you guys if I should buy a Civic or a Jetta with a $9,000 budget. At the bottom of that post I said I was also looking for a Mazda 3, but had difficulties finding a decent one. I looked at online car marketplace websites like autotrader and cargurus for hours & ran about 20-30…

Elio By Saabkyle Elio By Saabkyle

Feels just that much more real, now that Kyle has given it his once over.

A demonstration of how slow malaise era cars were. 

My dad had an 82 camaro z28. 305ci, 165hp, 8.6 to 60mph and the 1/4 in 16.4. And it gets walked soundly by a 2014 mazda3 with the lowly 2.0 skyactiv with a measely 155hp. 0-60? 7.7. 1/4 in 15.9. 40mpg highway!

Snow in Buffalo (3ft and rising) Snow in Buffalo (3ft and rising)

Ill take some with the decent camera after I get a chance to snow blow. This was at 630am. It isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon, but only for a short while, because another storm is coming through tomorrow evening and going until Friday!

Washed and waxed and even cleaned the door jambs. Washed and waxed and even cleaned the door jambs.

Yesterday, the high temperature was only 75 degrees and my unemployed self got bored, so I decided to go OCD on my car, which wasn't even that dirty in the first place. Washed with Zymol car soap, waxed with Zymol cleaner wax. My paint shines okay, but it is in awful shape. :( Swirl marks and fine scratches…

Mr. Regular and The Roman just had a crisis.

Will Ricciardo's #3 Pass At Austin Without Getting Sued By RCR? Will Ricciardo's #3 Pass At Austin Without Getting Sued By RCR?

Okay, #3 in NASCAR is owned by Richard Childress Racing with typeface and everything.

Pictured: Richard Childress Racing driver Austin Dillon drives in the 2014 Daytona 500.

2014 Mazda3, The Canadian Jalop Review 2014 Mazda3, The Canadian Jalop Review

Mazda has always, as far as I can remember, had a reputation that matches it's "Zoom-Zoom" slogan. These cars that are made, first and foremost, to be fun to drive. Their cars have also been popular because of their Japanese heritage for better than average reliability and great value. I, however, have never owned or…

LNO Theater - Dale Earnhardt LNO Theater - Dale Earnhardt

For the past two weeks we've been watching F1/europe centric movies here on the LNO Theater but not any more. With it having been Veteran's day yesterday, I figure we've had enough of this namby-pamby, wine at lunch/warm bear drinking, cheese eatin', France havin', European surrender monkeys.

2014 Mazda3 configurator now available! 2014 Mazda3 configurator now available!

The gem of the compact segment, the Mazda3, now has the next-generation model configurator available here.

Next Mazdaspeed3 may be sans boost D:

Happy Dale Earnhardt Day Happy Dale Earnhardt Day

On this day 62 years ago, Dale Earnhardt fullfiled the Prophecy by entering this world. The 7-time Winston Cup champion remains the only person to solve the Navier-Stokes equations with their face.

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