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How to Sell a Stage Slap How to Sell a Stage Slap

We’ve told you how to actually hit someone. But here’s how to pretend to hit someone. First, a tip from The Good Fight actress and Broadway treasure Christine Baranski on the loose hand and the follow-through.

Now You Can Watch 'The Room' For Free Now You Can Watch 'The Room' For Free

Fans of The Room can now watch the film for free whenever they want thanks to writer, actor and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau recently uploaded the movie in its entirety to YouTube, allowing free access to the film in its entirety for all.

The Best Way to Meditate Is to Not Try to Meditate

Meditation expert and author Dean Sluyter teaches the practice of “natural” meditation. In the video above, he explains how to get into the proper mindset, how often one should meditate, and how to avoid the common problem of “trying” to meditate.

How I Work: NYC's Only Taffy Maker

“Ugh, saltwater taffy is kind of gross.” That’s what Marisa Wu thought years ago, when a colleague suggested she make some of her own. But then she investigated and figured out how to cook taffy flavored by real ingredients, not lab-created chemicals. Now Wu runs Salty Road Taffy, a popular high-end taffy brand where…

The Essential iOS Apps for 2018

Trying to find the perfect iOS apps can be tough, and we’re willing to bet that your iPhone or iPad is full of pages and pages of apps. There’s just so much out there, it’s hard to come up with a short list of favorites. We understand. Allow us to help you with our freshly updated Lifehacker Pack for iOS.

Why Keiko Agena Believes Failure is Important 

Dig, if you will, this short video with Keiko Agena: actor and author of the book No Mistakes: A Perfect Workbook for Imperfect Artists. Keiko’s here to tell you why failure is important, how you always have potential, and what “no mistakes” really means.

Use Silicone Cupcake Liners for More Than Just Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are a universal good, and using silicone liners makes for a cleaner, cheaper, and more colorful baking experience. But these little reusable wrappers have a wider range of uses beyond simply baking. They make great mini organizers for all kinds of sortable snacks and toys. You can even poach the perfect egg…

How to Watch the Roku Channel's Free Content Without Owning a Roku How to Watch the Roku Channel's Free Content Without Owning a Roku

Surprise! You don’t need a Roku device or television to watch a ton of free, ad-supported movies and shows anymore. This week, Roku brought “The Roku Channel” to the web, and it’s free for you to watch from your favorite browser (or select Samsung televisions).

Watch Reddit's Favorite Worldwide Webcams

Webcams make the world feel magic, and that’s why they’ve survived 17 years on the internet. The webcam has evolved from still images to video, from tiny, muddy pictures to pristine 4k streams. Video technologies like Twitch, Snapchat, and Skype haven’t killed the appeal of a mounted camera pointed at the same spot…

The Essential Windows Apps for 2018

There are so many Windows apps out there, that picking a list of the very best, most must-install software for your desktop or laptop feels daunting. We’ve pored over pages of recommendations, countless forum posts, and lots of comments to come up with this year’s Lifehacker Pack for Windows, a list of software…

Buy Tons of Movies at a Huge Discount From iTunes This Weekend  Buy Tons of Movies at a Huge Discount From iTunes This Weekend 

If you’re looking to escape the heat this weekend with a good movie binge-watching session, Apple is currently running a pretty amazing deal on close to 900 titles that might help you make that dream a reality, BestAppleTV reports.

How to Make a Perfect Burger on the Grill

There’s more than one way to cook a burger, and grilling up the seemingly simple sandwich has more steps—and pitfalls—than you might think. Here are some of my favorite tricks for make juicy, perfect burgers on the grill every time. (If you are sadly sans grill, don’t fret—you can still make smash burgers.)

What to Watch When You're High

Last time I got high, I watched Snatch. I’d seen it twice before but I was still so confused. I should have watched the YouTube videos from’s “A Highly Curated Selection Of Shit To Watch On YouTube When You’re Super Baked.” Selections include credulous 70s documentary The Amazing World of Psychic…

Watch This Guy Test 10 Rubber Band Hacks

Rubber bands actually make pretty good erasers, it turns out. They can also hold a pair of pliers shut, or keep a lid on a pot while you carry it around. But they make shitty bookmarks. In the video above, The King of Random host Nate tests ten popular rubber band hacks to see if they really work.

Give Your Toddler a Roller Coaster Experience With a Laundry Basket 

When it comes to toddler hacks, this one has all the winning components. 1) You probably have the materials. 2) YOU GET TO SIT. And 3) It’s damn fun.

I'm Scott From Scott's Pizza Tours, and This Is How I Work

You can eat pizza for a living, if you’re good enough at it—and if you work hard and get to know everyone in the pizza business. Scott Wiener turned his love of pizza into Scott’s Pizza Tours, a growing business conducting food tours by foot and by bus in Manhattan. In this video episode of How I Work, we shadowed him…

How Many Friends Do You Need to Be Happy?

We’re social creatures by nature who rely on one another, so we automatically seek out people to create substantial relationships. But how many friends do you need in your life? And how many can you actually have?

These Videos Help Parents Teach Sex Ed to Preschoolers These Videos Help Parents Teach Sex Ed to Preschoolers

Is it okay to put a boy and a girl in the bathtub together? What should you do if a classmate from your kid’s preschool comes over for a play date and you find the two of them “playing doctor” from the waist down? And what if your child asks to examine your private parts and that makes you feel weird?

How to Share YouTube Videos Like a Pro How to Share YouTube Videos Like a Pro

I doubt you’ve given much thought to how you share the latest and greatest YouTube videos you find, because you probably have a routine: click or tap on the video’s URL in your browser’s address bar, copy it, and paste it into a text message or group chat. Easy, right?

Here's Everything You Need to Know to Survive a Flash Flood

Flash floods can strike with almost no warning, so it pays to be prepared. It doesn’t take much for rain to escalate from a light drizzle to a deadly emergency situation. In the event the dry land around you transforms into a raging river, these tips can keep you from being swept away.

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