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Spinning Is South Africa's Answer to the Question of Adrenaline

South Africa is the only place spinning could have started. Home to 850,000 people and a history bathed in the blood of the 1976 youth uprisings, Soweto is a town accustomed to danger, to violence, to the kind of ‘fuck you’ attitude that can only come through finding liberation from decades of oppression. And…

Mission: Impossible Fallout Is Going to Ruin the Old BMW 5 Series Market

If you are like me and saw the incredible green E28 BMW 5 Series in the Mission: Impossible Fallout trailer and immediately caught the disease of desire for one, I have bad news. The movie comes out this week, it’s surprisingly great, and now everyone else is also going to want an E28.

Travis Pastrana Lands Three Incredible Jumps To Break Evel Knievel's Record Travis Pastrana Lands Three Incredible Jumps To Break Evel Knievel's Record

Over 400 feet of total jumps have been completed by Travis Pastrana tonight in Las Vegas: one jump over 52 cars, one jump over 16 buses, and one jump over the fountain in front of Caesars Palace hotel and casino—breaking three of legendary daredevil Evel Knievel’s most insane records. I was there, and it was an…

Helicopters Always Make A Big Entrance But This Is Next Level

There were just a couple dudes working on a cliffside when suddenly–a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter pops up like a playful sea otter and performs a rolly-flippy dance that might make you queasy just watching it from the ground. It is most excellent.

Watch Travis Pastrana And Friends In This Classic Extreme Stunt Throwdown

Travis Pastrana does things in all kinds of vehicles that I probably wouldn’t even attempt in Grand Theft Auto, which is why he’s so fun to watch. Check out a solid hour of him and his lunatic friends doing stunts in Action Figures 2, a classic action sports-style movie that went live today.

Cut A Volvo In Half, Weld It To A Shopping Cart And Prepare To Puke

The goofballs at Hoonigan turned an old Volvo V60 (RIP) into what is basically a full-sized Crazy Cart and proceeded to do the tightest donuts physically possible. Or maybe it’s more like a portable Disneyland teacup ride... deathtrap. Looks fun.

The Father And Daughter Stunt Drivers In Some Of Today's Biggest Action Movies

Stunt driving is an extremely intense, high pressure and dangerous profession, but it’s extremely rewarding for both the audiences that get to enjoy the crazy action on screen and the people that get to do the driving.

The Chevy SS Looks So Bland You Can Swap It For A Malibu In A Movie And No One Will Notice The Chevy SS Looks So Bland You Can Swap It For A Malibu In A Movie And No One Will Notice

Actor Dax Shepard is a friend of Jalopnik who likes to make fun movies that feature cool cars and bikes. Because I live the #dadlife, I finally got around to watching one of Shepard’s more recent films, CHiPs. Co-staring along with Shepard is a Chevy SS. If you saw the film, did you catch the swap when the SS meets…

How To Kill A Jeep Using Mostly Two Wheels

You’re bored. You have a beater truck and some open space. Why not put it up on two wheels and see what happens?

Man With Camping Chair And A Lot Of Helium Balloons Flies 8,000 Feet Into The Sky

On Oct. 20, on his last attempt, Tom Morgan, a British adventurer, sat in a chair and flew into the sky on the strength of a few dozen giant, helium-filled balloons. It was all reminiscent of a certain movie.

The Subaru WRX From Baby Driver Just Sold For $69,100 The Subaru WRX From Baby Driver Just Sold For $69,100

The red 2006 Subaru WRX only makes a brief but memorable appearance in the opening act of this summer’s hit heist movie Baby Driver, but it would appear it made quite the impact considering the price one of the stunt cars just sold for on eBay.

Here's How The Insane Car Stunts Of Atomic Blonde Were Pulled Off

If you didn’t get enough of Charlize Theron kicking ass in Mad Max: Fury Road or Fate of the Furious, she’s back in theaters this weekend as a badass Cold War spy driving awesome cars and kicking more ass in Atomic Blonde. Here’s how the movie pulled off some of its unbelievable car stunts.

2017 Jaguar E-Pace: Jag Made It Do A Barrel-Roll To Make It Interesting

I’m close to accepting the crossover takeover. I’m close. Like with the revival in high-waisted pants, I’ve accepted that I have no control over the matter. But damn do cars like the 2017 Jaguar E-Pace make it hard.

I Can't Believe How Far This Motorcycle Got Without A Rider

Huh. Looks like your bike rides better without you, man.

Holy Shit This Polaris RZR Backflip Holy Shit This Polaris RZR Backflip

XP1K4 is the fourth installment of an insane stunt series featuring a heavily modified UTV and RJ Anderson, quite possibly the best and bravest person driving these jacked-up farm buggies right now. The whole video’s nuts, but the backflip will straight blow your brain up.

This Motorized Stunt Tricycle Could Run Donuts Around Your Puny Old Big Wheel

There are few simpler joys in life than sliding around on an oversized tricycle as a grown-up, but what if that trike had a 125-cc engine? Stunts for days, fool! Stunts for days.

Watch The Dukes Of Hazzard Dodge Charger Catch Air And Crash In Downtown Detroit

The bright-orange 1969 Dodge Charger R/T that raised hell on TV in the hands of the Dukes of Hazzard has to be one of the most famous hero cars in fiction, mayeb behind Doc Brown’s DeLorean. This week we got to see it get air one more time, in real life, in the middle of Detroit.

Jump A Motorcycle And Die With The Jabronis From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Jump A Motorcycle And Die With The Jabronis From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

360-degree “virtual reality” YouTube videos are lame and gimmicky most of the time. But come on, I know you’re not about to turn down the opportunity to be part of Project Badass.

Who Said Winter Was Only For Four-Wheel Hoons?

This time of year, the colder parts of the world typically bemoan the icy conditions and the lengthy to-do list associated with putting their beloved motorcycles in storage for the winter. Except Arūnas Gibieža. This guy is rad.

Meet The Stuntman Who Completed Evel Knievel's Famous Snake River Canyon Jump

Forty years ago, Evel Knievel strapped himself into a rocket and tried to fly over Idaho’s immense Snake River Canyon. He didn’t make it. But the stunt launched his lunacy into legend and inspired a generation of adrenaline junkies like Eddie Braun—the man who, this past weekend, completed the epic stunt Knievel…

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