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There Should Be More Winter Olympic Sports There Should Be More Winter Olympic Sports

The Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics each span 17 days. The Summer Olympics has 43 different sports. The Winter Olympics has 15 different sports. This is a problem. I want to be positively bukkaked by hot sports action during any given Olympiad, and there aren’t nearly enough winter events to do the job right now.…

Which Fanbase Looks The Most Like Its Coach? Which Fanbase Looks The Most Like Its Coach?

On this week’s Deadcast, our own (now departed) Lindsey Adler noted that most Orioles fans look like manager Buck Showalter, and now I am haunted by the specter of 40,000 dour goons packing into Camden Yards, all wearing satin jackets that are definitely one size too small. But Showalter is hardly alone in being the…

Eagles Fans Went Full Asshole And It Worked

Earlier in the playoffs, we had a small discussion over whether it was better to be a mopey fatalist of a fan who always braces for the worst, or to be an oblivious, preening asswipe… the kind of fan that will talk shit even when they’re down by 40. Well, now that the Eagles have won the Super Bowl, I have my answer.…

Let’s Talk About This Weird Pope Chair Let’s Talk About This Weird Pope Chair

Folks, this week’s Deadcast was taped LIVE from gorgeous Saint Paul, Minnesota. People came! There was beer! I swear I’m not making any of this up.

The Hottest Take: The Cavs Should Trade LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers suck. They can’t play defense. They’re accusing each other of faking sick. And while it has become ritual for this team to endure a prolonged stretch of eating shit in the regular season before getting their act together in time to brush the rest of an eternally weak Eastern Conference aside in…

Is It Better To Be A Fatalist Fan Or A Raging Asswipe?

There are a lot of ways for football fans to be insufferable. You have your fatalist fans like me who always expect the worst and expect you to pity them. And you have your loudmouth asswipe fans who brag about their team constantly and outright refuse to acknowledge when they’ve been owned on the field. Sometimes you…

Who Will Be The Next Deadspin Editor? Who Will Be The Next Deadspin Editor?

I don’t know if you know this, but Deadspin editor-in-chief and artisanal land hermit Tim Marchman is moving over to the Gizmodo Special Projects desk, where he will be free to track down all the precious alien alloys. That means we need someone to run this very website. Who will be the next person to ruin Deadspin?…

We Tried To Recap The Year In Trump And Wound Up Severely Depressed

Now is prime time for end-of-year recaps, and so Tim Marchman, David Roth, and I decided to spend some time trying to remember everything horrible that President Trump did during this, his first year in office. I think we made it roughly five minutes in before it felt like we were administering last rites to life on…

Yet Another Goddamn The Last Jedi Podcast Yet Another Goddamn The Last Jedi Podcast

Hey, here’s something rare: two dudes breaking down a Star Wars movie in needlessly painstaking detail. Yes, we’re still talking about The Last Jedi, and that is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

A Bonus Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog A Bonus Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

Hello again. Earlier this week we all gathered round the wassail to roast the goofiest items in this year’s Williams-Sonoma catalog. HOWEVER, it was a really thick catalog this year, and there simply wasn’t enough room in print for EVERY ridiculous item featured. Especially the champagne saber. So, with that in mind,…

The Russian Olympic Sanctions Are A Hilarious Shitshow Of Hypocrisy

Earlier this week the IOC banned Russia from the 2018 Olympics, but only in symbolism. The athletes will still be able to compete, only they’ll essentially be private label athletes who represent the Olympic Ideal instead of the world’s No. 1 kleptocracy (with America fast closing in!). And while Russia’s ghoulishly…

What’s On Your Thanksgiving Menu?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and so we have decided to treat you to a very special Thanksgiving DEADCAST that is about food and only food. Turkey! Mashed tubers! Stuffin’! Other KINDS of stuffin’! Yes, we here enjoy gorging on food both literally AND conversationally, so let’s do that. And if you’re a good little boy or…

I Can’t Get Enough Of The Stupid NFL Pizza Wars

Earlier this week the Papa John’s Twitter account, which apparently thinks it is a real person, bravely denounced Nazis who might enjoy its product and apologized for dipping their garlicky, ranchy toes into the middle of an NFL civil war. And while I love it when a brand publicly steps on its own nutsack, I believe…

One Year After The Election, We Still Wanna Die

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election victory and despite the encouraging gains made by Democrats the other night in down-ballot races, particularly in Virginia, filthy liberals like me are still, uh, not exactly soothed to have a ignorant bag of Velveeta in charge of things. Is it really…

Was Duane Brown Traded Out Of Spite?

Of all the batshit moves made (and not made, if you’re Cleveland) at the shockingly active close of the NFL’s trade deadline, the one that will probably have the greatest impact on this year’s playoff race was Houston sending franchise LT Duane Brown to Seattle for draft picks.

Will 60-Year-Old LeBron Still Be Able To Dunk?

How long will LeBron James still be able to dunk? How many old people can dunk? How many people have died while dunking? My friends, this is but one subject in this week’s Deadcast.

The NBA Is Not A
Cause The NBA Is Not A Cause

The NBA returned this week, and while I periodically enjoy a glance at regular season basketball here and there, as any sane man would, basketbloggers treated that shit like First Contact happening on Christmas. Given the evils of the NFL, it’s very very easy to cast the NBA in a heroic light. It’s “The Good League,”…

What Is The Worst
Store? What Is The Worst Store?

As you know, shopping is a migraine. It is a brutal conglomeration of terrible parking spots, high prices, slow-moving old people, heavy bags, and shoddy merchandise. But which store is the worst of them all? Which store—and we’re talking about any store that sells any type of good—is the one that brings out your…

Boat People Vs.
Horse People: Who’s Worse? Boat People Vs. Horse People: Who’s Worse?

Today’s DEADCAST brings you a battle of true rich asshole pursuits. It is time to slip on our docksiders and grab a riding crop and ask you, fair reader, who is worse: horse people, or boat people? That is the dilemma of our age, and it is the vital locus of our discussion.

The 2017 Hater’s Guide
To The MLB Playoffs The 2017 Hater’s Guide To The MLB Playoffs

Hey, it’s finally baseball season! Pitchers pitchin’! Catchers catchin’! Bats crackin’! Batters scratchin’! Now I know every loves a little taste of summer training, but now they start playing games that count! [Mel Allen voice] How about that?

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